Monday, May 5, 2008

A few wins at Monroe, and a few *NEW* additons

So the Northwest Rabbit Breeder' s show at Monroe, this weekend was a lot of fun, but super tiring.

Karli was supposed to go with me, but she got sick, and Tawnee was supposed to go with me also and she also got sick, so I went to monroe along. Not like I haven't done that before...LOL...

But because no one went with me, I ended up showing everyone's buns! In addition to having Leslie look at some of Karlis animals, I had to show her 6 fuzzies in both shows, 12 jersey woolies in both shows and then my chin in both shows. wasn't so bad except for the fact that I had to write for all of the 3 breeds at each show! Yeah a mighty busy day I must admit. Also in addition to the showing I had to pick up both Karli's and my orders at Woody's Wabbits, and try to figure out how it was all going to fit in the vehicle!

Anyways, so it was great seeing a lot of good friends again. The wooly numbers weren't that high this time. Kendal was off showing at Silver Marten Nationals in CA, so he wasn't there and there were no youth breeders either! The only woolies that were there were the woolies that carpooled with me. Since I took a self sr doe of Alicia and Alivia's, a agouti sr buck of Tawnee's and a tan pattern sr buck of Alex's along for the ride. So at least there was enough exhibitors for Best of Breed to get a leg. There were 12 woolies each show.

Anyways, here are the results:

Best of Breed Show B: Leapin's Eclipse
Self Sr Buck
Yea! Finally that 3rd Leg! Granding Time!

*CINDY WICKIZER even commented that he would have done very well at Jersey Wooly Nationals this year with his current coat! (Cindy was one of the judges at 2008 Nationals)*

Best of Breed Show A: M an' M's Zane
Tan Pattern Sr Buck
9th Leg! Yea!

As for chins, sadly Margaret did not enter, so it was just me and Liz for show A and just me for show B. I only entered one chin, M an' M's Zoli, but she took Best of Breed in show A out of 10 chins! Hopefully we will have more competition at Astoria, OR, this coming weekend, since I know Scott might bring a few.

Anyways, I also took a couple other pictures today of juniors that are growing up nice. Here is one that is looking super promising!

M an' M's Queen of Cartoons
Black Otter Junior Doe
I am super short on space, so she is For Sale, just because I have so many juniors I need to wean soon!

She has a really nice coat...for a 9 week I just had to take a picture of it!

Also, as for NEW ADDITIONS:

FT's Canadian Mist X M an' M's Melodrama Kindled May 3rd, 2 Smoke Pearl Marten Kits!

DC's DC1 X DC's Zel Kindled May 3rd, 6 kits, 1 DOA and 5 happy and healthy chin babies!

Due May 5th, is M an' M's Coconut, and Bunnies in the Box's Sophie, so those are two highly anticipated litters!

Anyways, entries for Astoria, OR show get e-mailed in tomorrow, so I will post who all is going and if any more does kindle!

Until Tomorrow,


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