Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upcomming Juniors! Jersey Woolies and Standard Chinchillas.

Well. There are quite a few kits in the barn!

I was able to get out and take a couple pics of them. They are looking really nice, and are very promising show prospects. This is only a small selection, as there are a few more animals that just need to grow up.

Standard Chinchilla Juniors:

M an' M's Lazelle
Standard Chinchilla JR Doe
M an' M's Popstar X AT8
A very nice topline on this girl! She still has some growing to do though...
Jersey Wooly Juniors:

M an' M's
Pointed JR Buck
RollingHill's MacKay X Erb's Spencer
This little guy is sooo cute! I hope he continues to mautre nicely!

M an' M's
Siamese Sable JR Doe
M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
Another cute little kit!

M an' M's
Lilac JR Buck
M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
Another cutie!

M an' M's/LBT's Pogo
M an' M's Fruit Loop X M an' M's Bebop
A nice doe, with a nice coat. Can't wait to get babies out of her!
These kits are going to be some nice spring show stock, along with some older juniors who are just coming out of their uglies.
So, until I post again,


Dona said...

wow your rabbit really nice.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of getting a jersey wooly... Would you recomend it?