Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Standard Chinchilla Stock

In the past month or so I have acquired some new standard chinchilla stock that has yet to be mentioned on the website, or on the blog. These animals are very nice quality, and I hope to get some nice animals out of them.

Wiebensohn's Togo
Standard Chinchilla Senior Buck

Wiebensohn's Togo's Ring Definition

This little junior buck is really nice good solid type and wonderful ring definition. He is going to be a very promising animal that I hope to incorporate into the herd soon.

Wiebensohn's Tango
Standard Chinchilla Senior Doe

Wiebensohn's Tango's Ring Definition

This little doe is very nice. She has good type, but her most notable features are her stellar ring definition and surface color. She is a very cute little doe. Once she grows up a bit more she will be incorporated into the chin breeding program.

Standard Chinchilla Senior Doe

AT8's Ring Definition

This wonderful senior doe came from Margaret Cummings. Although she is not from Margaret's stock, the doe's sister has blended in well with her herd, so I am assuming the same will happen with mine. She has a great coat on her right now, nice ring definition and surface color. Plus very solid type. Because I wont be going to any bunny shows for over a month, I decided to breed her to Wiebensohn's Togo. That should be a very nice combo, and we will see how everything turns out.

******Update! At8 Kindled 6 healthy kits and is raising them well!

Also, in the next couple of months I plan on increasing the Standard Chinchilla herd up to 15 holes for breeding stock. Yes, I know that doesn't really seem like a whole lot, but before the addition of these three buns, I was only at 5 animals for breeding stock. So it will be a really nice treat to be able to increase the herd that much. Plus, more high quality stock will come out of M an' M Rabbitry that way.

Anyways, I plan on updating the site soon, with new pics and information about new litters!

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