Monday, October 24, 2011

Convention Bound: M an' M Rabbitry Rabbits Will be Missed!

We have several rabbits that are making their long journey to Indianapolis, Indiana to go live with other breeders around the nation. These rabbits will be greatly missed, as many were once core animals in my breeding program, or cute juniors that I just don't have cage space for. These rabbits will be headed to their new homes in: Florida, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and California.

These are the rabbits leaving the rabbitry and heading to their new homes at Indy:
  1. M an' M's Got the Point, Pointed White Senior Buck JW
  2. M an' M's Spooky, Pointed White Junior Buck JW
  3. M an' M's Ooter Man, Black Otter Senior Buck JW
  4. M an' M's Dakotaland, Black Senior Doe JW
  5. M an' M's Vegas, Sable Marten Senior Doe JW
  6. M an' M's Onalaska, Siamese Sable Senior Doe JW
  7. M an' M's Sammie, Black Junior Buck JW
  8. M an' M's Esmarilda, Black Junior Doe JW
  9. M an' M's Yield, Blue Junior Buck JW
  10. M an' M's Charlie, Sable Marten Junior Buck JW
  11. M an' M's Pika, Chestnut Junior Doe JW
  12. M an' M's Dexter, SC Junior Buck
  13. M an' M's Safeway, SC Senior Doe
  14. M an' M's Centra, SC Senior Doe
  15. M an' M's Olympic, SC Junior Buck
  16. M an' M's Milton, Black Otter Junior Buck JW
  17. M an' M's Keno, Siamese Sable Junior Buck JW
  18. M an' M's Beluga, Chestnut Junior Doe JW
Each of these rabbits will be greatly missed, and I hope they do wonders for their new owners. 

Convention here we come!

Until convention is finished,

Take care,

-Ashley Felton

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