Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Convention is right around the corner....

Convention is drawing near as today was the last day to make substitutions to your convention entries. When I selected entries for convention I was quite particular, therefore I didn't need to make any substitutions today. I can't say that I didn't wish that some of the rabbits would finish up their moult, or that some would hold onto their coat just a little bit longer. We will see what happens, as convention is coming up too soon! I have plenty of bunny related things to do before then, but with 23 college credits this quarter at Eastern Washington University, things have been busy to say the least.

Anyways, just made some quick updates to the website with some of our new for sale buns. I did forget the for sale new zealands though. So if you are interested in New Zealand Whites, just contact me and I can send you pictures and information.

I also took some pictures of some of the cute up and coming juniors that are in the barn now. They are very promising little boys!

M an' M's Caribbean Stud Poker
Black Otter Junior Buck
(QAF's Sandpoint Skippy Dip X M an' M's Vegas)

M an' M's La Cocoa
Lilac Junior Buck
(M an' M's The Perpetrator X M an' M's Cocoa Crazy)

These little juniors are the last of this past round of breedings. We do have another set of does due in about a week, and then another set two weeks later. So most of our babies have grown up, there really isn't a whole lot of little bunnies in the barn at this time. 

Well I better get back to that big "To do list" and get everything ready to go for convention. Hope to see everyone in Indy, as I think it will be a blast. 

Take care,

-Ashley Felton

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