Monday, April 28, 2008

Shows and Shipping: Both Rabbit Related

So I thought I would do a quick note in this post about future shows Karli and I plan on attending. So here is the list:

May 3rd, Monroe, WA
May 10th, Astoria, OR
May 17th, Bremerton, WA
May 24th, Portland, OR
June 7-8th, Newport, OR
June 21-22, Ellensburg, WA

Because the buns are looking so nice I am going to be hitting a lot more shows then usual!

Anyways, now onto the second order of business in this post: SHIPPING!

Ok, so Kathleen Szwarc of Richmond Virginia expressed an interest in getting some of my jersey woolies in order to improve her stock that she is currently working on. So after many conversations back and forth we decided that the following rabbits would be the best match for what she is currently working with: M an' M's Dinky, a Sable Marten Junior Buck, M an' M's Clocky, a Blue Otter Junior Doe, M an' M's Jambi, a Black Junior Doe and Kay'z Fancy, a Pointed White-Black Senior Doe.

So in order to get the buns to her, they had to be shipped. It was a fairly easy process until I got to the airport and American Airlines said that they would not accept the carrier. They said that it had to many animals in it. There were 5 Rabbits, each in their own compartments. The most frustrating thing was that I and Kathleen had talked to the American Airlines Cargo Department specifically about the carrier and how it would all work out and followed their guidelines to a T and yet they still would not accept the carrier. Ultimately Kathleen called them in the midst of the situation and found out that each Cargo department can essentially decide what the requirements are and what carriers they will accept. So pretty much I was screwed over and they weren't going to do a thing about it. Their flight was scheduled for 7:05 am, meaning that I had to get there at 5:00 am, and leave the house at 3:00 am. So I was very angry at that point. I had drove all the way down to Sea-Tac for nothing, built a carrier for nothing, and got hardly any sleep FOR NOTHING! As much of a butt as the American Airline Cargo department was being they did try to help me out a bit, suggesting a later flight where I would have enough time to go to a store and buy 3 new cat carriers and all of this crap. One individual was nice enough to pipe up and say that Delta had a flight going out to Richmond, VA at 11:55 am and that who knows they might actually accept the carrier. So as soon as they said that I immediately left for the Delta Cargo Department.

At the Delta Cargo Department, I looked around forever until I found a door that I was allowed in...Their front door was locked for some reason...weird...anyways, I went in and told the attendant my situation and described the carrier to her. She was pretty hesitant in saying that it probably wouldn't pass the guidelines, but that she could have her supervisor come in and check it out. So I ran back to the car grabbed the carrier and crossed my fingers! The supervisor came out and immediately said "Yep, we'll take it". I was so relieved. So I spent the next hour filling out paper work and making the reservation and finally the buns were all set to go to fly to Virginia.

The 5 bun's beautiful carrier

It was a bit of work getting them there, but Kathleen and her family love them and I wish them the best of luck on the show tables with them!

Until I post again about the Monroe show...




Kathleen Szwarc said...

Guess who's going to stay with me till Tuesday (fingers crossed she'll go)... It's our friend Miss America.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, your calm - cool temper, and the know-how to not give up. At any point you as a seller could have thrown your hands in the air and opted to sell locally with much less headache. But thank you for seeing them through to me. I am more than pleased with not only the quality and condition your animals arrived in, but also the safe accommodations you made for them. You are a honest business woman, with healthy, quality, and affectionate rabbits for sale. Does ARBA have a comments box I can send a note to?

Cannot thank you enough, see you in October!

M an' M Rabbitry said...

No comment box that I know of...sorry.