Thursday, June 12, 2008

Convention Time, OR and WA that is...

Well, its seems like yesterday, but it has almost been a week since Karli and I started our trek down to Newport, OR for a Triple Open All Breed Show at Oregon State Convention. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was really nice! Not too warm and actually sunny!

Overall the buns did pretty well. M an' M Rabbitry Rabbits nearly sweaped the Jersey Wooly Competition winning all BOB and BOS awards for all three shows except for one BOB Show B.

Karli's buns also did very well. Taking a few legs home for RIS Show A, BOB AFL Show B and BIS Youth.

Of course the Standard Chinchilla population in Oregon is virtually nothing, so no legs for the two chins that I entered, but I was very excited to have Cliff look at some of my upcoming juniors that will be seniors at National Convention this year in Kentucky.

As for M an' M' Rabbitry Wins at Oregon State Convention, here is a quick synopsis.

BOB- M an' M's Ariel - Self Sr Doe Owned by Nancy Jordan (4th leg)
BOS- M an' M's Zane - Tan Pattern Sr Buck (10th leg)
BOG- M an' M's Bebop - Shaded Sr Buck (5th leg)

BOS- M an' M's Ariel - Self Sr Doe Owned by Nancy Jordan (5th leg)

BOB- M an' M's Bebop - Shaded Sr Buck (6th leg)
BOS- M an' M's Ariel - Self Sr Doe Owned by Nancy Jordan (6th leg)

So overall it was a great show, with a very funny and memorable banquet! (Karli, I have pictures of you on my phone when you volunteered in the skit ^_^)

As for Washington State Convention, it is coming up super fast! Only hours until it is exactly a week until Karli and I leave for our trip to Ellensburg.

Most of the woolies are in breeding or moulting, but I did manage to find a few to enter.

As for the chins, well thats a whole nother story! I have 2 junior bucks and 2 junior does that are entered and 1 senior doe. I hope to take all three classes that I entered, but we will see when the time comes. These juniors just look awesome! Ring color, type, the only thing I am waiting on is surface color. Lets just hope it comes in before National Convention when they get their senior coats in!

Anyways, Hopefully Karli and I will come back with some stellar wins from Washington State Convention!

Also, in the past couple of weeks, there have been a lot of babies coming out of the nestboxes. Ooodles of babies to be exact! There are some very promising animals that will do well on summer and fall show tables, thats for sure!

When I get some time, after this quarter is over tomorrow, I plan on working on some cages, fixing the navigation menu on the blog, and taking some pics of the cute juniors!

Until then, just check out the site as it has pretty recent pics and some very cute juniors that are going to be GORGEOUS once they get their senior coats in.

Until I post again,



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