Friday, June 27, 2008

Upcoming Jersey Wooly Juniors

Well, ever since that boom of standard chinchilla litters about 3 months ago there really hasn't been a whole lot of chin activity, but the jersey woolies haven't halted in their production one bit! The litters just seem to keep on coming...and the does keep on breeding.

So, due to the numerous litters at M an' M Rabbitry, there are several very promising juniors that will be good show contenders, as some of the senior stock is moulting, and older juniors wait to get their senior coats on. Here are a few of the cuties!

M an' M's Martini
Black Silver Marten Junior Doe
Sadly her dam decided to nibble on her coat a she may not be hitting the show tables for quite a while. But for the meantime, we will wait and see how she is growing before making any final decisions on this little girl.

M an' M's Martini surveying her surroundings...CUTE!

M an' M's Psyche
Sable Marten Junior Doe
M an' M's Psyche is looking pretty cute! Every day I look at her and things that I thought weren't that great are improving. So we will see as she matures just a bit, and then space and other deciding factors will be taken into consideration. So far things are looking pretty promising that she will stick around.

M an' M's Psyche -BOD Shot

M an' M's Rocket
Ruby Eyed White Junior Buck
This little guy is the last of the best of this round of wooly litters. More kits coming up of course. But this little guy is super promising. It seems that M an' M Rabbitry is a little short on bucks in the wooly department at the moment, so he may stick around to fill the void of Self Stud Muffin. Of course that is when he grows up...just a tad...^_^

Anyways, its not long until more buns are are a few combos due to kindle in July.

July litters due:

Standard Chinchillas:
DC's DC1 X DC's Zel (cute combo)
DC's DC2 X DC's Zel
Hutchin's 051 X DC's Zel
M an' M's Zoli X (buck from Scott...need to get paperwork from Karli)

Jersey Woolies:
M an' M's Frida X M an' M's Bebop
Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Bebop
M an' M's Daffodil X Leapin's Eclipse
M an' M's Coconut X M an' M's Bebop
Bunnies in the Box's Sophie X RM's Grasshopper

So YES! Plenty of more super cute buns will be born this summer!

Until more bun news,


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Congratulation and always success for your jersey wooly.