Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jersey Woolies and Standard Chinchillas Entered at the Monroe Show

So I had a bit of a tough time deciding to who to enter at the upcoming show in Monroe July 12th. I have a lot of nice junior jersey woolies that could be shown, and a lot of nice standard chinchilla juniors but I had to make up my mind and pick who would be the best competitors on the table. So here is what I decided to enter.

Jersey Woolies:

-M an' M's Tootie Fruitie -Self Junior Doe
-M an' M's Psyche -Tan Pattern Junior Doe
-M an' M's Martini - Tan Pattern Junior Doe
-M an' M's Bebop - Shaded Senior Buck
-M an' M's Electrify -Self Junior Buck

Standard Chinchillas:

-M an' M's Zoli -Senior Doe
-TP3 - Junior Doe
-TP2 - Junior Buck
*Karli still has TP2 and TP3's pedigrees, so I don't know their names!

Anyways, the monroe show should be a lot of fun this weekend, and I hope that the buns do very well. The buns are looking pretty cute though, so I expect that they will place well.

I leave you a very funny picture of M an' M's Snaps. (BatWoman)

M an' M's Snaps
Standard Chinchilla Junior Doe

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