Monday, July 7, 2008

Major Cleaning!

Last week I went through the barn and really noticed that there needed to be some MAJOR cleaning! Things were getting a little too fuzzy with the recent heat waves that set everyone into fast happening moults. Thus, I called up Tawnee and we planned on today for the major clean. And so we did.

We took all the the cages out of the barn, cleaned them, washed them out, and sanitized them making them super clean! Although the barn is a total mess due to all of the moving cages around and stuff, at least the buns are clean and happy! Tomorrow's chore is to organize all of the stuff that is thrown about the barn since the BIG clean! The buns were happy to get back into their cages after being in carriers for most of the day, and they were very happy to get back their toys which had be cleaned. They had a lot of energy to burn off from being in the carriers, and new clean toys was a great way to do it.

Today was super tiring, but I am glad that it all got done. Bun entires for the Monroe show are going to be sent in tomorrow. I just have to make some last minute decisions on the standard chinchillas to see who exactly I plan on entering.

Also, in the next few days I plan on updating the website with new for sale buns and edits to the Jersey Wooly and Standard Chinchilla stock, as there are some new additions, and some animals who have left the rabbitry for other breeding programs.

So I end with a couple pics of M an' M's Frida X DR's Titan's litter, 4 blue otters and 1 Blue (Very cute)

Look at that little face...don't you just want to gobble it up! CUTE!

Cute Cute Cute! I love these Blue Otters!

The Whole M an' M's Frida X DR's Titan's litter! Super Cute!

Anyways, until I have the time to get more pics of the upcoming cuties, or update the website,



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