Monday, January 7, 2008

To Astoria and Back + A little Bunny News

Well, the trip to Astoria, OR didn't go as well as we had planned. Karl and I left at 7:30 am to go drop off her Great Grandma at the airport, and then her Grand parents at her Aunts house. Once in Puyallup we stopped at Leslie Hobb's Rabbitry and checked out her buns for a few good hours. What fun, she had some mighty cute dwarfs and hollands, and lionheads and fuzzies! Oh my I could have gone home with some! Anyways, we finally made it into Longview, WA at about 3:30 or so. Thats when we started having a little car trouble. We made it to Astoria and loaded up at Woody's Wabbits and thats when it happened. The Ford Escape's transmission began to slip. So after about 2 hours of sitting at gas station, getting rained on, hailed on, and now soaking wet along with some friendly Oregonians, luckily one was a mechanic, we were finally in a position to head out, and see how far we could make it limping back to Washington state. We had to stop a few times to let the car cool down, but we made it back to Ferndale, WA with a failing transmission and all! It was quite a long trip and Karli and I were ready to crash when we got to her place at 1:30 am. Too bad we still had to feed and water all the buns! Overall, it was a fun trip and kind of crazy at the same time!

Although, this doesn't really have a whole lot to do with M an' M sure has a lot to do with me! After sleeping over at Karlis, we got to work at about 10:00 am tearing down her chicken coop. It was a big job and took us over 6 hours. But we weren't done there. We moved her hay into a taller stack, and finally got to set up her new condos and clean up our huge mess in the barn. She now has 17 holes for her fuzzy lops. A step up from her 6 that she had before we made the trip to Astoria. Anyways, it was a fun day of work and it really showed when it was all said and done. Now I need to get doing the same clean up in my barn....Eeeeeek!

Finally for some bunny news. Jersey Wooly Rolling Hill's MacKay decided not to kindle, so she is going to be rebred. I haven't decided who to breed her to again at this point, but soon enough I'll know. I need to rebreed M an' M's Ashlind and then also two Standard Chinchilla does who weren't cooperating earlier this month. Also, M an' M's Frida is going to be bred and I'll have to check to see if anyone else is ready.

Well, that's it for the bun news. Hopefully I will get some of those new For Sale animals up on the website today and also put up some new pics of the new FT's Canadian Mist babies.

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