Monday, January 21, 2008

WOW Already 14 days since my last post

Well, a lot has happened in the rabbitry over the last two weeks. Heres the scoop!

1. Sophie kindled 3 kits, they are healthy and happy. I can't wait to see what colors they are...they are either martens or agoutis....pray for martens!

2. Coconut kindled, sadly only one of 5 kits is currently alive..the biggest bummer of them all is that the one kit that survived is a frosted pearl marten...Ashley e-mails Alicia "Do you want another frosted pearl marten?" LOL.

3. Wow, bun sales were going good until I got three e-mails back from people within a ten minute time period today saying that they weren't ready for the buns! Eeeeeek! Well, I guess those buns will need to find new homes!

4. So yes, plenty of buns for sale. Here is a quick list:

Leapin's Eclipse,
Leapin's Silverballs,
WWR's Cupcake Sterio,
WWR's Peewee,
M an' M's/WWR's Peachee,
M an' M's Bebop,
M an' M's Sophia,
Blue Otter Sr. Buck,
Blue Otter Sr. Doe,
+ a chin junior buck.

5. Well, Saint Helens entries went in...I am so excited for the show...there is going to be at least 35 woolies there! HOW EXCITING! So I decided to enter:
M an' M's Ashlind
M an' M's Zane
Black Junior Buck
Black Junior Doe
Blue Junior Doe
Leapin's Eclipse
M an' M's Bebop
M an' M's Sophia
B-mac's Royal Flush (who got a bath yesterday ^_^)
Yea! I just can't wait!

6. Babies: Misty's and Daffodil's babies are doing good. They are growing up super cute!

7. Oh yeah, speaking of chins....well, the one doe that was due to kindle...decided not to kindle, so that was quite the bummer...I think I might need another chin buck...what do you say? Mine might be getting a little bit old for the breeding thing.

8. I went over to Kay'z Rabbitry to help Karli take some pics of her new buns for her website the other day. Some of the shots turned out great...Her buns look gorgeous! Click on the following links to see some of the pictures I took:

Fuzzy Lop Bucks

Fuzzy Lop Does

Fuzzy Lop Juniors

9. Well, I need to get some does bred again in the next few days. I'll post again when some more serious news happens. Until then, toodles


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