Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby bunnies on the way!

So at this point, the next round of does to kindle are nearing their due date. All of them have nestboxes in place with lots of hay to keep all of those newborn babies warm in this cold cold weather. Thats not to say that all are nesting like they should be though, there seems to be a few duds in every round, but lets hope for the best.

The does due to kindle on December 23rd are:

New Zealand Whites:
M an' M's Altima X Currie's Kaplan
M an' M's Peridot X Currie's Kaplan

Standard Chinchillas:
M an' M's Zoli X M an' M's Daragoa
M an' M's Peoria X JR's 

Jersey Woolies:
M an' M's Under the Cover of Night X M an' M's Banshee
M an' M's Pandaboo X Schultz's Jazz it Up
M an' M's Cocoa Crazy X M an' M's The Perpetrator
Schultz's Uptown Girl X M an' M's Point Taken
QAF's Fizz X M an' M's Spearfish
M an' M's 911 X M an' M's Point Taken
M an' M's Beattle Bug X M an' M's Banshee

We have a good line up of some highly anticipated breedings. I can't wait to see what colors everyone produces, and better yet, how nice these juniors will be the spring of 2012.

Until the does kindle,

Take care, 

-Ashley Felton

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