Monday, December 12, 2011

Its a good day when....

That rabbit that has been bred several times, is a wonderful show rabbit, but has never produced, nor nested, is actually nesting in preparation for kindling. I am SO excited. Tonight M an' M's Beattle Bug decided that today was the day to start nesting in preparation for her due date next week. I am so excited at the thoughts of finally getting some babies out of her. I was very shocked to say the least when she started gathering hay in her mouth and not just munching it as normal. She was obviously trying to get my attention, as I was not going to give her any hay this evening, so she decided to start ripping up the cardboard divider between her cage and another rabbit. She typically doesn't engage in such behavior and is rather timid. But because didn't want her chewing the entire divider up, I gave her a handful of hay. Good thing I did, or I would have never known! I am also glad I had my camera out at the barn to snap a video. Here it is:


 I can't wait to see if she kindles! This is the rabbit that has a WONDERFUL coat, looks beautiful, but refuses to eat anywhere besides her cage. This makes going to shows difficult, as she looses condition fast, and makes traveling and showing at ARBA Convention an almost impossibility. She is definitely one of the divas in the barn (can't forget M an' M's Queen of Cartoons, the original Diva, she wrote the book on how to be a princess, and even taught other rabbits on the way to Convention how to be Divas). Regardless, I am happy that I might be able to finally get some little Beattle Bug babies! Luckily I have bred several other does so I will have the option to foster her kits if the whole first time mommy thing doesn't work out. I will keep everyone posted on her progress! Cross your fingers! Now if only M an' M's Peridot could take a hint...LOL

Until their are Little Beattle Bugs in the box,

Take care,

-Ashley Felton

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