Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show Results from ARBA Convention, New Babies & ARBA Convention Trip Pictures

Sorry it has taken so long to get these posted. I am just now finding the time to get around to post the results from Indy. I also plan on updating the website in the next week with new pictures of senior and junior stock. Also, make sure to scroll down to see some fun pictures from the trip to Indianapolis, Indiana and back!

M an' M Rabbitry ARBA Convention 2011 Show Results:

  • 2nd Place --M an' M's Susie Q, Jersey Wooly Tan Pattern Senior Doe
  • 4th Place --QAF's Fizz, Jersey Wooly AOV Senior Doe
  • 7th Place --M an' M's Beattle Bug, Jersey Wooly Broken Senior Doe
  • 10th Place --M an' M's Jackpot, Jersey Wooly Tan Pattern Junior Buck
  • 5th Place --M an' M's Daytona, Standard Chinchilla Junior Buck
  • 10th Place --M an' M's Daragoa, Standard Chinchila Senior Buck

New Litters Kindled!

We have several jersey wooly litters in the barn right now. Lots of colors too! Black Otter, Black, Siamese Sable, Ruby Eyed White, Sable Marten, Chocolate Otter, and Smoke Pearl. These juniors will be ready in a few weeks. (my how time flies)

We also have several standard chinchilla litters growing up. Some very promising babies that I am excited to go through, as their color looks really nice without even blowing into their coats!

Still waiting on some new zealand white babies. All the does are bred, so crossing my fingers that they all kindle on the 23rd of December.

The Trip To INDY!

 The Wonderful Quarter Acre Farms Bunny Trailer!

Organized, yet full trailer on its way to Indy!

My Favorite Gas Station in Utah! With the Giant Fiberglass Sinclair DINO!

Ante-LOPES! They were closer than at the Zoo, as we entered a rest stop parking lot!

Beautiful Blue Sky of Illinois!

 Stopping to fuel up! COLD COLD COLD in Nebraska on the way home.

More cold, but pretty Nebraska!

 The red rocks of Utah. Quite a site to see.

More red rocks. So cool though!

Stopped on the way home at the same gas station. Fiberglass Dino is SO COOL!
My Souvenir thanks to Shonna! A Sinclair Dino Plushie! He helped Duane drive home!

Love the look of the snow, just don't like being in it!

Closer to home. Idaho

What a wonderful trip it was. Fantastic landscapes and views, lots of fun with bunny friends and a great show. It was a great convention trip and it will always be one to remember. 

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Kuldeep said...

Nice blog thanks for posting it

M an' M Rabbitry said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment. The blog is a fun place that I love posting all of the happenings of the rabbitry. Raising rabbits is just too much fun not to share with everyone else!