Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enumclaw Show Report Delivered in the Mail

I was happy to see my show report from the Enumclaw, WA show November 12th, 2011 show up in my mail. This was the show I was unable to attend due to my incident hitting black ice. The buns however still made it to the show and did quite well. I was surprised to see 6 legs in my show report and finally  be able to see how well my rabbits did.

Here were the results:

Show A:
Best of Breed: M an' M's Susie Q
Best of Group Shaded: M an' M's Spearfish
Best of Group AOV: QAF's Fizz
Best of Group Self: M an' M's Jensen

Show B:
Best of Breed: M an' M's Jackpot
Best of Group Self: M an' M's Jensen

For just being in a car accident, I think the buns fared quite well on the show tables. I am most thankful for the fact that they are all ok. Just waiting on my show results from the Monroe, WA Show December 3rd. Hoping there will be a few legs in that envelope too!

Until more news,

-Ashley Felton

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