Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Difference between an old buck and a new one

Well, the title pretty much sets the stage for what this post is all about.

Thursday, Feb 14th I was packing up everything and getting bunnies groomed for their trip to VIRBA on Friday. I knew I needed to get a few does bred again, since their kits were getting almost ready to wean...and those chins have been quite reluctant to breed lately. Anyways, Alicia brought over her broken senior and her self junior for me to take up to the show. Alicia and I had been conversing over e-mail about possibly using her broken buck with one of my does. I had tried the combination once before, but I really wanted to retain both the body and the wool that this broken had on the kits. So when he came over...I put him and a few of my other bucks to work.

I ended up doing the following combinations. They should be due March 16th or so.

M an' M's Frida X Alicia's Broken Buck (His name currently evades me)

Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Zane

FT's Canadian Mist X M an' M's Melodrama

DC's DC1 X DC's Zel

So here is where the title of this post comes in.

I was able to get the Broken Buck to service Frida 5 times over the time period that I was out cleaning carries and packing the car and such.

Zane serviced MacKay also 4 times

Zel service DC1 only 1 time (he is almost 5 years old)

But here is the real kicker....Melodrama serviced Canadian Mist 11 times! He was one day off of being a senior. There is a significant difference between a 5 year old buck and a 6 month old buck. AND wow was it a difference!

If Canadian Mist does not have kits I will be completely amazed!

I always write up a card like this one for every time that I breed does. That way when I completely forget who was bred to whom and what day they are due on, I can refer back to it. Each check mark indicates a successful service.

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