Tuesday, February 12, 2008

VIRBA I Just Can't Wait!

Well, entries went in for VIRBA. I am just ready to burst...its going to be so exciting to see how my animals do up in Canada, against woolies that I have never seen or met. Plus I finally get to meet Kim and Christina, and few other Canadian wooly breeders. Its going to be an expensive trip...thats for sure...but worth it! Just for the ferry ride it is about $45 one way...eeeeek and a hotel for 2 nights, another $100. Yowch!

Oh well, it is going to be a blast though!

As for entries heres the scoop.

Alicia Kennemer decided to enter a Broken Sr Buck and a Self Jr Buck, which I will be taking up to the show for her.

Karen Catlin decided to enter her Tan Pattern Sr Buck as a filler, so that more animals can get legs.

And I decided to enter 11 buns...

Agouti Sr Doe - M an' M's Peachee

AOV Jr Doe- M an' M's Sophia

Broken Jr Buck- M an' M's Battle Royale

Self Sr Doe- M an' M's Coconut

Self Jr Doe- M an' M's Chairry

Self Jr Buck- M an' M's Cowboy Curtis

Tan Pattern Sr Buck- M an' M's Zane

Tan Pattern Sr Buck- M an' M's Melodrama

Tan Pattern Sr Doe- M an' M's Ashlind

Tan Pattern Jr Doe- M an' M's Star-Struck

Yep, thats all of them.

Even though I have some super cute chins right now that are in condition. I decided not to enter them because there is going to be no competition at the VIRBA show for Standard Chinchillas. I plan on bringing a few animals for sale though.

Standard Chinchillas FOR SALE at VIRBA:

M an' M's Zipper JR DOE $55

Jersey Woolies FOR SALE at VIRBA:

M an' M's Oracle Pointed JR DOE $50

M an' M's Wave Pointed JR Doe $50

M an' M's Peachee Opal SR Doe $70

M an' M's Battle Royale Broken Blue JR BUCK $120

Kayz' Carter Blue Ottter SR BUCK $50

I also have a super cute little chin doe who is too young to bring to VIRBA. She is currently still with mom, but let me know you might be needing a little chin for your breeding program. Since she is an agouti, I will not be keeping her, regardless of her quality.

Anyways, so thats what is coming to VIRBA. If there is a particular animal that you want me to bring up that isn't listed here, then by all means shoot me an e-mail. Until I post again, (most likely after VIRBA)



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