Saturday, February 23, 2008

News in All Forms: Good and Bad

Lets start with the good...

Well Alicia took the time to palpate a few of my does the other day...since I can't palpate! She had said that Ashlind and Daffodil were indeed pregnant, whereas a few others she didn't think they were.

Anyways, Ashlind was being a dork as usual and I shot some pics and a little movie of her deciding where to make her nest.

Ashlind in her box....

I will surely be posting earlier next week about how the kindling on the 24th went!
Now for the bad news...

It was quite odd when I went into the barn today. All the buns seemed fine and happy, but I noticed something in Kotton Tale's Misty's tray. It almost looked like a placenta, but I could tell it was more formed then that. I pulled out the tray and to my surprise, she had aborted her litter!

I found two kits in the tray along with what looked like a placenta. The kits weren't to be born until March 3rd, so they were pretty tiny and nearly two weeks early. I have never had a doe abort her litter before. Usually they do this due to stress related reasons, or if something is wrong with the kits themselves. I wonder if Misty felt uncomfortable during the last weekend when I was at VIRBA and got stressed out? I do have to admit, I did take her kits way right as I left for the weekend, so that could have done looks like I am going to try and breed her again along with one of my chin does later today. Some pics of the kits are below...

Quite interesting huh?
Anyways, hopefully my next post will be about tons of cute kits that will be born over this weekend!
Toodles for now,

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Susie said...

I have to say those aborted babies are quite interesting like you said. Only thing I have close to a doe "aborting" her babies was two weeks later after ever breeding she'd give birth to a white blob. Don't know what it was however.

Thanks for sharing. =] I enjoy reading your blog! =P