Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Bun Pics, and Hopefully Some Website Updates

Yep, just like the title says, got out and took some more pics of a few buns that weren't featured on the website.

I really need to overhaul all of my chin pics. I think I need to get Karli over here so that we can take pics of all of those pesky chins. Its something about them, they just hate posing for a picture. But I did get a few of the chins to sit still enough for a picture or two.

M an' M's Zoli, beautiful doe, just turned senior. She is out of Hutchin's 052, my chin buck that passed away this last October. She is my baby.

This is M an' M's Mistro. Originally I wasn't planning on keeping him, because I didn't need another chin buck...but what do you I do! ^_^ He was one of my Mini Chins that were a bit stunted in their growth, but he seems to be putting on the pounds now.

M an' M's Zipper, a cute little doe out of Hutchin's 052, the buck that passed away. She is a sucker to pose...I need to work with her a bit more on that, but she has all of the right stuff. I just don't need another doe. She is currently FOR SALE.

I also took some pictures of the two Kotton Tale's Misty X B-mac's Royal Flush kits. They are pretty cute also. Small and fluffy, but cute!

Cute little kit from the Misty X Royal Flush combo...

Another cute thing from the same litter.

You can barely tell where one bun ends and the other begins...too much fluff!

I also tried breeding a few chins today, but nothing would take. These chins have been very particular these past few months that I have been trying to breed them. Hopefully they will take in the next few days.

Kotton Tale's Misty was just the opposite. She was bred to Leapin's Eclipse. on January 31st. So early March, there should be some cute babies in her nestbox.

VIRBA is just around the corner and the buns are either putting on the coats or taking them off. Its gonna be a great show. Lots of fun, and I can't wait to meet a few more wooly breeders. Feel free to e-mail me if you plan on heading to the show. I would love to meet you and see your woolies!

I plan on updating a lot of pages on the website later this evening. So later this weekend be sure to check out the Wooly Does, Wooly Bucks, Wooly Juniors, Std. Chin Does, Std. Chin Juniors, For Sale, Colors We Raise and Nestbox pages for new pics and info.

Until I post again, Toodles.


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