Tuesday, February 19, 2008

VIRBA--Good Times

Well, now that me and the buns are back from VIRBA most things have returned to normal.

First of all, it was great getting to meet Kim and Christina, Kathy, Kelsey, Amanda, and all of the other great people who were at the show.

I didn't feel out of place for even a moment. It was a great experience and tons of time to chat. LOL

Another highlight of VIRBA was getting the opinion of John Grimm and Manuel Hidalgo on my woolies. Although Manuel's judging style was a bit different from what I was used to it was still a great time. I am excited for John Grimm to judge at this year's WA State Convention. I hope that he will be able to take a look at some of my chins the next time he is at a show that I am.

I also got Judy to change Sophie's Registration color. Since she was registered incorrectly, so now i just need to get about 8 registration reprints and all will be fine.

As for show wins. They were actually a bit sparse this time around. I have to admit that Kim did get some pretty nice stock from her acquisition of Laura's herd. Jentle's Hero pulled out wins in both shows for her. He looked great and was in very nice condition.

As for my rabbitry wins. I only brought woolies to show. I just didn't have enough room to bring any chins...my car was packed...(see pictures below)...Anyways, here the the scoop

Saturday Show:

Melodrama got his 2nd leg for BOG Tan Pattern

Bebop got BOSG Shaded (I am not sure if there were enough exhibitors in order to get a leg for this one....so I'll have to do an update post when I get the show report, I think there was, but I'll have to double check)

Sunday Show:

Bebop got his 3rd leg for BOG Shaded Yea!

Because the buns took up the entire back seat, and I had carriers in the trunk. This carrier and little dwarf had to ride up to VIRBA in the front seat.

Buns on the right and buns on the left...there was not space for another single rabbit in the back seat!

My Car...more and more buns....they were stuffed in every spot possible! The sheet was over the buns to make them feel just a bit more comfortable on the trip.

My VERY full trunk with Cavy and Rabbit Carriers!

Although it was quite expensive going up for the ferry and the 2 night hotel stay. It was still fun and a very relaxing show.

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