Monday, March 31, 2008

Weather...Babies and Everything Else! Eeeeek!

Ok for starters, I have peeked a few times at Kim Posey's Jersey Wooly Blog of SunnyBrook Rabbitry ans she is having trouble finding things to blog about...yet I seem to never have that get ready for a LONG POST!

1st More Babies! M an' M's Coconut X Leapin's Eclipse Kindled March 28th, 1 Peanut, 1 REW, 2 Blacks, one which froze to death in the latest winter storm...more about that later...

M an' M's Coconut X Leapin's Eclipse
1 REW, 1 Black
Kindled March 28th, 2008

Kotton Tale's Misty X Leapin's Eclipse Also Kindled March 27th, 2008. 1 Pointed, 1 Black.

Kotton Tale's Misty X Leapin's Eclipse
1 Pointed 1 Black
Kindled March 27th, 2008

Congrats to my Beautiful does!

UPDATE: Bunnies in the Box's Sophie is in the process of kindling today April 1st at 10:30 am. So hopefully all goes well.

Weather. Well it was quite the Crazy weather this past weekend. From sun and rain to snow and sleat! We ended up getting a good 3-4 inches on Friday! Everyone was baffled since it was almost APRIL! The COLD weather brought on some hardships thats for sure. I ended up loosing 2 Standard Chinchilla kits out of Hutchin's 051's litter, and as I stated earlier, 1 Jersey Wooly out of M an' M's Coconut's litter. BUMMER! Oh well, it happens though!


So also, another huge topic! FEED! So I am not sure if you have heard about this, but there has been a huge discussion on the Northwest Reporter Yahoo Group about it. ....Its about Pfaus Feed. Particularly, lots 801102, and 081102. Numerous breeders have been loosing animals, while feeding these lots. The feed has been tested and came back with low levels of mold toxin. So Pfaus has finally begun to take action! Pfaus is trying as fast as it possibly can to get these feed lots out of the market and sent back to the mill. In the mean time, distributors of Pfaus are still selling it to the feed stores, thus that is how I ended up with some of it. (More about that later) Anyways, Pfaus believes that the root cause of the problem was due to some moldy grain that ended up in that batch. They are currently working on getting the feed out of stores and replacing it with good feed. So at least they are taking some action. Pfaus has sent samples of the feed in to be tested and it will be another 3 weeks before the results are in. In the mean time we wait...

OK, so heres the scoop about me getting some the this "bad feed". So when the whole thing started coming about, with this feed issue and these lot numbers, I checked the bags of my feed that I currently had. They were no where near the numbers affected. So I thought that I was clear. But when I went to the feed store, Laurel Farm and Western Supply, who sells Pfaus, I forgot to check those lot numbers. And of course I ended up with lot 801102 Rabbit Pellets. Not knowing that I had the "bad feed" I begun feeding it. Immediately after the Kennewick, WA show March 15th (a couple days after I started feeding the 801102 lot), I noticed that one of my rabbit would not eat any pellets. He became deathly skinny as with all of my other rabbits started to drop condition. My rabbits were only picking through the pellets and scratching most of it out, which is very unlike them....they love their Pfaus. So anyways, Karli was having the same problem. The only thing different was that her animals were out of condition before she started feeding the 801192 lot. Thus, her animals started only picking at their food and not eating hardly anything. Plus loosing mega condition. So Karli and I tried everything. We got everyone up to date on Ivomec, for parasites, we went through 2 whole rounds of coccidiosis treatment, thinking that it might have been that, then we tried treatments for enteritsis, still the animals were not gaining condition. Almost all of my jersey wooly juniors chewed off their coats, due to them having a lack of protein in their diet. Also most of my animals had stopped eating pellets entirely and the only reason why they were alive was because Karli and I were feeding mega supplements...since that was all they would eat. Each animal had its own dish of oats, in addition to pellets, and a bunch of other stuff. But still animals kept loosing condition. Some of my animals were so dealthy skinny that I almost puked every time I felt their spines to see if they had gained any body weight. It was really bad. During this time, one of Karli's favorite rabbits, a buck named Logan passed away, he had typical symptoms of mold toxicity, and it must have been the feed that put him over the edge.

So one night someone posts on the Northwest Reporter and says that those particular lots are still being sold at the feed stores. Then it finally clicks...I run out to the barn and check my the lot numbers on my feed...I got a sick feeling in my stomach...but I knew that I had to get that feed out of their cages as fast as possible, since the more toxin they got in them, the more sickly they would get. I immediately started ripping feeders out of the cages and dumping a good 20lbs of feed in the trash. That night everyone got just oats and butt loads of hay.

The next morning I notified everyone that I knew that fed Pfaus in the area. Alicia and Alivia Kennemer ended up loosing M an' M's Mystery due to the feed. And a few other breeders had noticed problems. Luckily when I called up Laurel Farm and Western Supply, they were more then willing to take back the bags and exchange them for the other lot number(not any of the ones in question). They were just as concerned about our animals as we were, and I really appreciated that. I have heard that some feed stores were willing to switch lots with people, but they just turned around and sold the bad feed to the next unlucky person. That is not a way to do business! Laurel Farm and Western Supply were even exchanging open bags of feed for new ones of a different lot number. They are truly good people with a business that cares about it's customers and their animals!

So far Pfaus's first priorities are to get the bad feed off the market and returned to the mill, and also to get the feed stores replacement good feed. Once the test results are in then they said that they would consider damages that have occurred to people's stock due to the bad feed. Anyways, it was a big mess, but even though it happened I will still continue to feed Pfaus since it is a great feed. Every feed has their problems once in a while, it just happens. Thus, I would highly recommend you stay with Pfaus even after this mistake, since the pellets are very high quality and are very reasonably priced.

Anyways, I got some new feed at Laurel yesterday and animals that had stopped eating completely began to nibble at the Pfaus, so that gives a big sigh of relief. But that still doesn't fix the problems of me having does abandon their litters due to them trying to insure their own survival because their are so skinny. And those does are now having issues with mastitis....oh well. It'll all work out eventually. Luckily my rabbits were smart enough to not eat the bad feed, or I am sure that I would have lost numerous animals, like many other breeders. But even so, many of my animals are in really poor condition, so we will see what happens.

I'll update you on the bun's condition as I hope it improves!


Thursday, March 27, 2008




Hutchin's 051 X DC'z Zel Kits were born! 7 total, one being DOA, another very cold when I found it. Although I was able to bring it around and it is doing just fine 6 more chin babies...yea!

The current bun count including all the little guys in the boxes is 42. Much lower than I usually like...a comfortable range is between 55-65 at least! LOL...

Anyways, more kits should be born later this week.

I am still waiting on Kotton Tale's Misty who should be kindling any day now...she has pulled lots of hair and is sitting in her box...but no babies yet...

And the 4 wooly girls due on the 30th received their boxes today. M an' M's Daffodil immediately started nesting, but she always nests nearly a week at least I know she is going to kindle...Bunnies in the Box's Sophie, M an' M's Ashlind and M an' M 's Coconut are also due on the 30th and took some interest in their boxes.

Anyways, lets hope for babies. Alicia is going to come over on Friday and do some palpating on them to make sure...

Here are some pics...

Hutchin's 051 X DC's Zel
Kindled March 26th, 2008
6 Standard Chinchilla Kits

M an' M's Coconut's New Picture for the website
Hers was long overdue...

M an' M's Wave, also known as Shrimp
Pretty cute little thing...huh?

Easter Creatures!
Standard Chinchilla Kits 2+ weeks old.
DC's DC2 X DC's Zel

Satin Standard Chinchilla Kit from the litter above

Until more bun news,


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

M an' M's Ashlind X WWR's Peewee's Kits

Some long awaited photos of the M an' M's Ashlind X WWR's Peewee's kits at 4 weeks old. I took them when I went over to Karli's today...since the kits are with an American Fuzzy Lop foster mom!

Blue Otter kit with foster mom Dora

The two M an' M's Ashlind kits...

The Black Otter Kit

The Black Otter kit...being super cute!

Until buns kindle...



Monday, March 24, 2008

Rabbitry Updates and Does Kindling Soon!

Ok, so a few updates on the buns.

Everyone is moulting! That heat wave this past weekend caused almost the entire barn to blow...except for a few that I really wanted them to get some new coats! LOL Anyways, besides that, all of the babies from the kindling 8 days ago are doing great including the other 2 foster kits from Alicia and Alivia.

Also, if one doe to buck sex change wasn't enough of a surprise last week at the Kennewick show, I had another happen today! Shrimp as I call "her", a very small pointed white-black doe was weaned from her mom Kotton Tale's Misty today, because Misty is going to be kindling soon. Well I guess I wouldn't really call it weaning, since Shrimp has not been nursing from Misty since she was only 3 weeks old....hints why she is so small (she is now 16 weeks old). Anyways, I took her out to put her in her new cage and I noticed something that looked a bit peculiar. It was testicles! So depending on what the deal is with this new little may end up going to Kim Posey...but we will see.

Now kindling news....M an' M Rabbitry has 2 does due on March 28th.

Kotton Tale's Misty X Leapin's Eclipse
Hutchin's 051 X DC's Zel (Standard Chinchilla)

Both of them received boxes today and started making nests immediately! Hopefully, everything will go well, and there will be even more babies in the rabbitry!

Here are some wonderful Nest Making pics of the girls today:

Kotton Tale's Misty preparing her nest...she tries to grab all of the hay that is in the that is all going to fit in her mouth...right..^_^

Hutchin's 051 making her nest...I can't wait for another litter from her...that is where my beautiful chin doe M an' M's Zoli came from! I love repeat breedings!

Also, here is a cute little video of some of the DC's DC2 X DC' Zel Standard Chinchilla Kits

Until something kindles,


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Website Updated! + A New Look!

Yep, the website has finally been updated after a month+ lag in updates.

Heres a quick list of whats new:

  • New Design to the site! No more frames and a cool new navigation menu.
  • New Pages and Articles such as the: Photographing Rabbits, Photo Gallery, M an' M Rabbits All Grown Up and Future Shows We Are Attending
  • New Home Page Layout...and cool new graphic I made
  • News least pics of the new juniors and seniors are up
  • And Updated nestbox page with upcoming litters due this month!
Check it out the new site by clicking on the "HOME" button on the navigation menu to the right. If you click on any of the other buttons on the blog it will go to pages that will be a little messed up to say the least....I still need to update the menu on the blog, but it will be done soon enough.

Bun News:

Some more new pics, including a few buns that were fostered from one of Alicia and Alivia's does.

M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
1 Smoke Peral, 1 Black, 1 Broken, & 1 Mystery Colored Kit
3 Days Old

M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
Black kit and Mystery Colored Kit
3 Days

M an' M's Frida's Litter with Alicia and Alivia's Foster babies

Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Zane
1 Peanut and 1 Normal Kit
3 Days Old

*There is a little bit of a difference between the two...don't ya think?*

Until other rabbitry news comes about...Toodles


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kits and Kennewick.

Well now that all the buns and I are rested and all settled in from the Kennewick show I finally have time to write about the big weekend.

I have to admit the drive to Kennewick was pretty long! The weather on the drive down to Kennewick on friday evening was crazy. Overcast to pouring to sunny with a rainbow to drizzling to snowing and all of them repeated a few times. But me and the buns all made it the whole 5 hours. Whoa! The buns spent the night in the car and I stayed at the Clover Island Inn. My room was fairly priced for the amenities that I got. Cheap rooms are my liking...LOL..Saturday on the other hand started early with the showroom opening at 6:00 am. It was a great facility! Loved the concrete floors, all 15,000 square feet of it...nice and roomy!

At the show I was able to get to see many good friends and fellow breeders, along with some individuals who I met for the first time.

To name a few, it was great chatting with Becky and her son (I hope you like M an' M's Chairry!), Claire, Miranda, Karrie, and a bunch of other wonderful people whose names currently evade my brain!

Anyways, lets get to the wins. OK, so first for chins. In show A there were 5 chins, 4 exhibitors. Nancy Baskett's senior doe took BOB under Floyd Rudoulph. In show B there were only 4 chins, 3 exhibitors, so sadly my animals did not get legs even though they took BOB and BOSB under Cindy Wickizer. Oh well! Better luck next time.

M an' M's Mistro, a standard chinchilla junior buck was sold at the show to a lovely family and 4-H girl who wants to show him. She was so delighted that he already had one leg. Anyways, hopefully she will eventually want a doe to begin raising standard chinchillas!

Ok, so now for the woolies.

Well, for Show A and B there were both about 22 woolies. In show A M an' M's Miss-D-fy took BOG Self and Best of Breed. M an' M's Kandice, the little chin doe was Linda Bell's close second for Best of Breed. What good news! M an' M's Zane took BOG Tan Pattern and also Best Opposite Sex of Breed.

So M an' M Rabbitry animals took Both BOB and BOSB Show A for Jersey Woolies. *And M an' M's Zane broke the record for having the most legs won by a M an' M rabbit.* His current leg count it 8!

Show B was also quite interesting. Of course M an' M's Miss-D-fy was again in the running for Best of Breed with all of *her* wool. But we ran into a bit of a glitch in the choosing of BOB and BOSB process in Show B with Judge Floyd Rudolph. The problem was.....was that my cute little Miss-D-fy was a Mr-D-fy...Yeah truly. He has gone through 3 shows as a "she" and none of the judges noticed. Anyways, because of this little boo boo, M an' M's Miss-D-fy was DQed. But because the most beautiful rabbit was DQed on the table, the judge had to choose a new Best of Breed. This new best of breed and best opposite sex of breed were both M an' M animals....Yea! M an' M's Melodrama got his 3rd leg for Best of Breed Jersey Wooly (I kind of need to get him registered now...LOL). And M an' M's Star-Struck won Best Opposite Sex of breed getting her 2nd leg!

So M an' M Rabbitry Jersey Woolies took BOB and BOSB for both show A and B at the Tri Cities RBA!

Way to go M an' M animals!


So now on to the kits news.


Ok, so here is a quick little synopsis.

Because it has been pretty chilly outside and the does were nesting beside their nestboxes. I decided that I needed to bring all 4 does in that were due on the 16th, so that if they did have their kits on the wire, that they wouldn't freeze to death, like some kits did earlier this winter.

Anyways, so I brought all 4 doe's cages into my bedroom, so that it would be easy for my mother and sister to check on them to make sure they are doing ok.

None of the does ended up kindling while I was gone, but its better to be safe then sorry! The first doe to kindle today, March 16th was M an' M's Frida. She had 4 healthy kits that she is raising just great! And she had them in her box...what a good girl!

M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper Kits
Kindled March 16th, 2008
Colors: 2 Blacks, 1 Smoke Pearl and a Broken

Rolling Hill's MacKay was the second doe to kindle today and made her nest on the wire, had the kits on the wire. Oh well. She had 4 kits, all which were alive. There was 2 normal kits and then 2 peanuts. I will get pics of the kits and peanuts, since I haven't done a blog post on peanuts yet, or have taken any pics of comparing a peanut to a normal sized kit.

Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Zane
1 Smoke Pearl Marten and 1 Smoke Pearl Kit
2 Peanuts not shown in image above
Kindled March 16th

Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Zane's Kits
1 Normal kit and 1 Peanut
1 Day Old
Note the size difference, and how pudgy the sides of the normal are compared to the peanut. This is because the peanut has not nursed, whereas the normal has. Peanuts typically have no desire to nurse, and usually do not survive even when you try to hand feed them.

Notice the pinched hindquarters of the peanut kit compared to the wide hindquarters of the normal kit. This difference is an easy way to tell the kits apart, if the size doesn't give it away.

Anyways, FT's Canadian Mist continues to nest every few hours and has only be building her nests on outsider her nestbox so she will most likely kindle on the wire too. *UPDATE* FT's Canadian Mist kindled on March 17th. She had one kit which did not survive. She will be rebred in hopes of getting some more beautiful babies.

Until more kits are born, or I take pics of the show winners. Toodles


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, so since the M an' M Rabbitry blog is fairly new, there has yet to be a post about these terrible Satin Standard Chinchillas that I keep on getting. They are quite interesting. Somewhere along the line, someone must have bred a satin into the standard chinchillas that I have. I know that it is more than 6 generations ago, but this specific combination of DC's DC2 and DC's Zel always produces satin standard chinchillas, along with some normal ones. In previous litters I have only had one satin per litter. Whereas this current litter has at least 2, possibly 3.

It has been fairly easy to sell the satin ones as pets and all, but it still is a bummer, because the satin ones always seem to be the nicest of the bunch. I think this time around I am going to try and show them as satins. Just this once to see what the judges think...LOL...

Anyways, here is a picture showing the difference between one of the satin standard chinchilla kits and a normal standard chinchilla kit.

Satin Standard Chinchilla Kit on the left
Normal Standard Chinchilla Kit on the Right
DC's DC2 X DC's Zel
8 Days Old

You can easily see how much darker the satin standard chinchilla kit is compared to the normal standard chinchilla kit. Also you can notice how there is a sheen or extreme luster to the satin kit's coat. The satin's coat is much more shinny in English terms. Its very interesting how these kits magically come out of that one combo. Since they have never appeared in any of the doe's sister's litters when she was bred to the exact same buck...Weird huh?

Anyways, I am sure that I will post pictures of them as they continue to grow...and maybe pictures of them on the show tables with hopefully good results...LOL..

Until I post about updating the website (which I haven't done yet), and the results from the Kennewick show...Later...


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I might Actually have some Kits!

So just a few minutes ago I put boxes in for M an' M's Frida, FT's Canadian Mist, Rolling Hill's MacKay and DC's DC1. I was so surprised when two the does begin to nest immediately. I was almost going to wait until tomorrow to put the boxes in, but I am glad I didn't.

M an' M's Frida begin to nest as soon as I put her box in. She was pretty cute as she made a mess of her cage will all of that hay stuffed in her mouth. I had a video of her nesting, but for some reason photobucket wouldn't let me upload it...oh well

FT's Canadian Mist also begin nesting when I put her box in. Here is a little video of her

And of course as usual. Rolling Hill's MacKay shows absolutely no interest in nesting. Here is a little vid of her being cute and daintily eating her hay.

DC's DC1 decided to just sit around in her box. So I didn't think that would make for a very interesting video...LOL.

Anyways, I hope that everyone ends up kindling on the 16th. I really hope that they can either have them before I leave for the Kennewick show on Friday, or wait until after I get home on Saturday. But as usual, that will never happen. So lets all wish them luck on their kindling this weekend. I have my fingers crossed!



So when I went out this morning to check on the girls. All of the jersey wooly does that were due had made nests beside their nestboxes....and not in their nestboxes....So I put all of their hay back into their boxes and lets just hope that they get it right this time! LOL


Monday, March 10, 2008

ERBA Show and Other Bun News

Well, the buns are all back and settled in again from the Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Show in Chehalis WA, on March 8th.

Let me tell you, the show super and secretary did a very good job at trying to fit 1100 rabbits and people and show equipment into a tiny show room. The showroom was only 120 X 60 ft! Yeah we were all very cramped, but we worked it out and it was overall a really great show.

Numbers for woolies weren't too bad. There was about 25 in both open shows. Also, there was virtually no chins. Just my 2 and then another senior doe of Nancy Baskett. So no legs for chins even though my did take BOB and BOSB both shows.

Woolies on the other hand were surprising.

Show A:

M an' M's Star-Struck, smoke pearl marten junior doe took BOG Tan Pattern and got her first leg

M an' M's Zane, sable marten senior buck took BOSG Tan Pattern and got his 7th leg.

M an' M's Miss-D-fy, ruby eyed white junior doe took BOG Self, and BOB and got her first leg at only 9 weeks old! She has got some wool...there is no denying that!

Also, M an' M's Crazy Town, chestnut senior buck owned by Becky took BOSB and got his first leg! Gosh he has really grown up cute!

Show B:

M an' M's Dinky, sable marten junior buck (brother to Miss-D-fy) took BOG Tan Pattern and BOSB and got his first leg.

So three of my juniors all ended up getting their first legs, 2 of them at only 9 weeks of age.

Came home with 4 legs. Not bad in my opinion.

Anyways, as for babies...M an' M's Ashlind's are doing well. Of course they are still with at Karli's with one of her fuzzy lop does. I will have to have her look at them to see if they are otters or martens. Or I will just check later this week when I head over to grab buns for the Kennewick show. Which it looks like I will be heading to alone...Since it is Karli's birthday and she is having a party...Regardless, there is a black and a blue tan pattern. So I am super excited to see how they are maturing in the future. I hope that they will be absolutely adorable like M an' M's Ashlind is and WWR's Peewee is!

Chin babies are also doing well. All 5 of them. So that is also very good.

Anyways the Kennewick show is going to be here before I know I have to keep buns in condition! Plus I have M an' M's Chairry, a blue junior doe out of M an' M's Frida X WWR's Peewee cross going to Becky Sago and her son in Montana. So it will be tons of fun to meet up with them and see their cute tort buck Copper.

Also, I just thought that I would add, that M an' M's Ashlind and M an' M's Zane are now tied for having the most legs ever won by an M an' M rabbit. That number is 7 legs. Lets hope that Zane can break the record at this next show in Kennewick.

Until I post again with website updates and most likely Kennewick results...toodles...


M an' M's Miss-D-fy
Wins Best Of Breed at Evergreen RBA Show A

M an' M's Dinky
Wins Best Opposite Sex of Breed at Evergreen RBA Show B

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Need to update the website....

Yep, its that time again...updates...

I plan on updating the site next week. Most likely after the Chehalis show. But I got some new pics taken anyways, so that I have more recent ones to put on the site when I do the updates.

Here they are:

M an' M's Kandice
Chinchilla Junior Doe
Sugar Creek's Pizza Roll X Bunnies in the Box's Sophie

M an' M's Frida
Black Senior Doe
Leapin's Eclipse X Bunnies in the Box's Sophie

Bunnies in the Box's Sophie
Black Silver Marten Senior Doe

Sophie Cleaning.....Too CUTE!

M an' M's Mist-D-fy
Ruby Eyed White Junior Doe
M an' M's Zane X FT's Canadian Mist

Mist-D-fy's Wowza Wool!

M an' M's Dinky
Sable Marten Junior Buck
M an' M's Zane X FT's Canadian Mist

This is out lovely cat Striker....he decided that he liked the smell of the bunnies on the table...he didn't realize that he would have to have his picture taken if he sat on the grooming table.

Another picture of Striker...he is so cute! But looks like a GIANT on the grooming table compared to all of the small little buns...^_^

Anyways, the website will be updated soon enough,

Until then,



Tuesday, March 4, 2008





I have chin babies!

I was just about to give up on DC2 kindling. Since she was due on the 3rd. But I kept the box in there and just a few minutes ago she kindled 5 kits! YEA! I am so proud.....they were well worth the wait!

Lets just hope everything goes well and she takes care of them fine.

I will post a picture of them tomorrow once they are all cleaned off and such.

YEA! I am just too excited!

Until tomorrow...



Ok, So here is the picture!

Standard Chinchilla kits Kindled March 4th
DC's DC2 X DC's Zel