Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rabbitry News

Well, there hasn't been a ton going on in the rabbbitry other than letting everyone chill and gain back condition after me being away for convention.

But there are a couple new developments:

1. The December 6th, CRBA Show in Mount Vernon was tons of fun. I love how relaxed and chill it is. I only entered 4 jersey woolies, no chins. So I didn't have much to show at all. Buns did ok, but most were moulting, out of flesh condition (due to convention trip), or too young to compete. So just waiting on them to develop more. The next show I plan on attending is the January 31st show in Saint Helens, OR.

2. Well, there is hardly any kits in the barn right now. 1 Litter of chins out of AT6, 5 kits, and 1 litter of woolies out of B-mac's Lady Bug 3 kits. So to have a couple does due Today, December 11th, and a few more due on the 17th is pretty exciting.

Does Due December 11th: (TODAY)!
SC-M an' M's Zoli X Wiebensohn's Togo **KINDLED 10 kits December 11th.
JW-Rolling Hill's MacKay X Erb's Spencer **KINDLED 2 kits December 11th
JW-M an' M's Coconut X Erb's Spencer **KINDLED 3 kits December 11th
JW-M an' M's Star-Struck X M an' M's Zane **KINDLED 8 kits December 11th

Does Due December 17th:
SC-Hutchin's 051 X Wiebensohn's Togo
JW-M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
JW-M an' M's Ashlind X Meadow's JS1

Does Due December 24th:
M an' M's Queen of Cartoons X Erb's Spencer

Does Due December 26th:
M an' M's Martini X RM's Grasshopper

Anyways, I hope everyone else's buns are doing well. And I will keep you posted on new babies.

Until then,