Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Stock From Convention!

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would post some new, and exciting news since the ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The convention was a lot a fun. Getting to see CW Rabbiteers along the way to Indiana helped pass the time through Wyoming, and Nebraska. Once at convention, it was a joy to be able to see all of the rabbit people I hadn't seen an a few years. From jersey wooly breeders to standard chinchilla breeders, there were so many people to meet, and greet, and hanging out with them made it all the more fun!

Due to the enormous amount of school work I came home to, for my bachelor's program, I have not had the time to download the pictures from the trip off of my digital camera. So look forward to an upcoming post with lots of great pictures from the convention trip!

Since I have a few minutes, I did want to take the time to thank a few individuals, including some great breeders who have bunnies that now reside in M an' M Rabbitry.

Convention Thank Yous:

Duane and Shonna Ausbourne
You guys are always amazing, and the trip was wonderful! Couldn't have had better comrades.

Kelsey Schultz
Thank you for the wonderful pair to kick start M an' M Rabbitry's pointed program again.
Schultz's Up Town Girl, Pointed White - Black Doe
Schultz's Jazz it Up, Ruby Eyed White Buck

Daykota Moat
Thank you for the wonderful buns. Its great to have some more Spencer offspring in the barn.
SB's/JG's Lavendar, Pointed White - Black Doe
JG's Annabell, Pointed White - Black Doe
JG's OMFG, Pointed White - Black Doe
JG's Saphire, Pointed White - Blue Doe
JG's Reeses, Broken Black Otter Buck

George and Jessica Mathis
Thank you for the baby from M an' M's Amazonia, Double RIS winner. I am excited to have more of those lines to put back into my herd.
Jessica Rabbits' JR52, Standard Chinchilla Junior Buck

I will get pictures of these wonderful new buns soon!

So until, more exciting news,

Take care,