Saturday, September 20, 2008

The digital camera is finally back in action!

Yep, my camera finally works again! Yea! And I used it almost immediately! I needed to get out to the barn and take some pictures of some super cuties!

Here is a really promising juinor wooly that will be hitting the fall show tables soon:

M an' M's Sugar Coating
Blue Junior Doe Jersey Wooly
Leapin's Eclipse X M an' M's Daffodil
This little girl is super adorable!

There are also a couple litters that will be ready to leave by convention. They are pretty cute and are also showing promise:

M an' M's Bebop X M an' M's Ashlind:

Blue Otter Buck *FOR SALE*

Lilac Buck


Smoke Pearl Doe

Lilac Otter Doe *FOR SALE*

M an' M's Bebop X M an' M's Frida: + FOSTER CHILD (M an' M's Bebop X Kay'z Kassidy REW BUCK)

Cute little line up:
1 Lilac, 2 Blues, 1 Black, 1 Chocolate, and 1 REW Buck

REW Buck is *FOR SALE*

Adorable Little Blue Doe!

Another Pic of the cuties!

Other news: Bremerton Entries were due today, here is a quick summary of what I entered:

Broken SR BUCK-RM's Grasshopper
Self JR Doe-M an' M's Tootie Fruite
Self JR Doe- M an' M's Sugar Coating
Tan Pattern SR Doe- M an' M's Queen of Cartoons
Tan Pattern SR Buck- M an' M's Zane

Even though Bremerton Entries just went just a day or so I need to start filling out my convention entries! Karli and Jenna were both over today helping decide who all I should show at convention. I was surprised that I had quite a few that we felt were worthy of contending.

I will post what I decided to enter for convention tomorrow or in the next couple of days. I don't want this post to be too big!

Until I post again,



Monday, September 15, 2008

Convention is Right Around the Corner

Indeed it is...Convention is coming up so quickly it just amazing!

But that isn't stopping any activities from happening around here. We plan on hitting a couple more shows before Convention, and then some after too! Bremerton on the 27th of this month will be a nice change as its been a lot of fair activity lately. Also Monore on October 4th, and Kennewick shortly after.

Shonna and I are still figuring out all the details of the convention trip, but it looks like we are going to get it all worked out. Remember we are offering transport, so let me know if you need anything to get to convention or back, or even round trip! Who knows!

Most of the buns are moulting and getting in new coats, so once that is finished it will be nice that the barn wont be so fuzzy for a while.

Also sadly this post or the next couple will most likely not have any photos in them. I accidentally dropped my digital camera on our concrete patio, and its not very happy now...So until I get a new pics!

Anyways, its pretty late and I just wanted to make a quick note that M an' M Rabbitry is going to convention with standard chinchillas and jersey woolies.

By the way, lots of animals are available right now in the wooly department. With an addition of a few that have since been weaned, a little siamese sable buck and a rew doe.

Take care, and I will post again soon!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forgotten Post

Ok, so I have a quick post today that was actually forgotten at the end of June. Yeah I know its been a few months, but I still thought that it was worthy of some recognition on the blog.

Anyways, so here it is. The results of the Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association Sweepstakes Results:

They handed out the placings on mouse pads, so it was kind of neat, plus an extra $50 never hurt any. Sadly it was my last year in youth, so I probably wont do as well next year. Here is my results:

Anyways, that is it, until more rabbitry news pops up!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Babies Babies and more Babies

Well, since the last post not a lot has changed other than some more babies have been born!

One Jersey Wooly litter and one Standard Chinchilla litter. With a few more due in the next day or so.

Here is a quick little summary of the litters:

Jersey Woolies:

-M an' M's Frida X M an' M's Bebop:
*Black Kit, Lilac Kit, Smoke Pearl Kit, Blue Kit, Chocolate Kit

Standard Chinchillas:

-DC's DC1 X Wiebensohn's Togo:
-5 kits

So here is a current kit tally:

Jersey Woolies:

-M an' M's Ashlind-5
-M an' M's Frida-5
-Rolling Hill's MacKay-1
-M an' M's Coconut-1
-M an' M's Daffodil-1

Total: 13 Wooly Kits

Standard Chinchillas:

-DC's DC1-5
-Coon's Morena-4
-Hutchin's 051-5

Total: 20 Chin Kits


Anyways, when I have more M an' M Rabbitry news I will post again,

Until then,