Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cute Random Pictures

While looking through my hard drive today, trying to clean up and organize some files, I found some cute pictures of M an' M bunies that I had to share. Here they are:

 This is what a true BOX POTATO looks like
M an' M's Jackpot, when he was 4 weeks

Its the Standard Chin Cuddle Corner. Want to join? I bet its warm and toasty!

M an' M's Beluga, reaching for the sky! She is almost about to fall over backwards. LOL

Until Next Time, 


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby bunnies on the way!

So at this point, the next round of does to kindle are nearing their due date. All of them have nestboxes in place with lots of hay to keep all of those newborn babies warm in this cold cold weather. Thats not to say that all are nesting like they should be though, there seems to be a few duds in every round, but lets hope for the best.

The does due to kindle on December 23rd are:

New Zealand Whites:
M an' M's Altima X Currie's Kaplan
M an' M's Peridot X Currie's Kaplan

Standard Chinchillas:
M an' M's Zoli X M an' M's Daragoa
M an' M's Peoria X JR's 

Jersey Woolies:
M an' M's Under the Cover of Night X M an' M's Banshee
M an' M's Pandaboo X Schultz's Jazz it Up
M an' M's Cocoa Crazy X M an' M's The Perpetrator
Schultz's Uptown Girl X M an' M's Point Taken
QAF's Fizz X M an' M's Spearfish
M an' M's 911 X M an' M's Point Taken
M an' M's Beattle Bug X M an' M's Banshee

We have a good line up of some highly anticipated breedings. I can't wait to see what colors everyone produces, and better yet, how nice these juniors will be the spring of 2012.

Until the does kindle,

Take care, 

-Ashley Felton

Monday, December 19, 2011

You know a rabbit is fat when...

When they have rolls on their rolls! M an' M's Peridot, another one of the M an' M Dud rabbits, who gets bred, but then never kindles is one such example. I believe she may have a little bit of fat build up around her ovaries, preventing her from getting pregnant. What do you think?

 Rolls on your hips/hindquarter and...

A double that means your fat FOR SURE!

M an' M's Peridot, A Very Well Loved Bunny!

Maybe if I slimmed her down a bit, I would have better luck. On a diet she goes...

Until next time, 
-Ashley Felton

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nesting Divas!

M an' M's Beattle Bug has started a trend. Now her cage neighbor M an' M's 911 is now nesting as well as QAF's Fizz. Go Jersies Go! Here is some fun pictures and videos of the three soon to be moms.

"I'm all ready for that box, now where is it?"
M an' M's 911

 "How long do I have to sit here and look cute until I get a box?"
M an' M's Beattle Bug

 The double cage that houses both Beattle Bug and 911
The white reflection is the wire divider between the cages

Can you tell the Beattle Bug is rubbing off on 911. 
The are like twins....LOL

-Ashley Felton

Thursday, December 15, 2011

M an' M Rabbitry has a NEW Twitter Page

M an' M Rabbitry has a NEW Twitter Page. Check out the link below to visit it and Follow Us to get frequent updates on the happenings at M an' M Rabbitry.!/ManMRabbitry

Also, don't forget to Like Us on Facebook, and follow us there.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enumclaw Show Report Delivered in the Mail

I was happy to see my show report from the Enumclaw, WA show November 12th, 2011 show up in my mail. This was the show I was unable to attend due to my incident hitting black ice. The buns however still made it to the show and did quite well. I was surprised to see 6 legs in my show report and finally  be able to see how well my rabbits did.

Here were the results:

Show A:
Best of Breed: M an' M's Susie Q
Best of Group Shaded: M an' M's Spearfish
Best of Group AOV: QAF's Fizz
Best of Group Self: M an' M's Jensen

Show B:
Best of Breed: M an' M's Jackpot
Best of Group Self: M an' M's Jensen

For just being in a car accident, I think the buns fared quite well on the show tables. I am most thankful for the fact that they are all ok. Just waiting on my show results from the Monroe, WA Show December 3rd. Hoping there will be a few legs in that envelope too!

Until more news,

-Ashley Felton

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Crock Dwellers

You just gotta love baby bunnies. Especially Standard Chinchillas. They are so cute! Even when they sit and poop in the food crock...

Until next time, 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Its a good day when....

That rabbit that has been bred several times, is a wonderful show rabbit, but has never produced, nor nested, is actually nesting in preparation for kindling. I am SO excited. Tonight M an' M's Beattle Bug decided that today was the day to start nesting in preparation for her due date next week. I am so excited at the thoughts of finally getting some babies out of her. I was very shocked to say the least when she started gathering hay in her mouth and not just munching it as normal. She was obviously trying to get my attention, as I was not going to give her any hay this evening, so she decided to start ripping up the cardboard divider between her cage and another rabbit. She typically doesn't engage in such behavior and is rather timid. But because didn't want her chewing the entire divider up, I gave her a handful of hay. Good thing I did, or I would have never known! I am also glad I had my camera out at the barn to snap a video. Here it is:


 I can't wait to see if she kindles! This is the rabbit that has a WONDERFUL coat, looks beautiful, but refuses to eat anywhere besides her cage. This makes going to shows difficult, as she looses condition fast, and makes traveling and showing at ARBA Convention an almost impossibility. She is definitely one of the divas in the barn (can't forget M an' M's Queen of Cartoons, the original Diva, she wrote the book on how to be a princess, and even taught other rabbits on the way to Convention how to be Divas). Regardless, I am happy that I might be able to finally get some little Beattle Bug babies! Luckily I have bred several other does so I will have the option to foster her kits if the whole first time mommy thing doesn't work out. I will keep everyone posted on her progress! Cross your fingers! Now if only M an' M's Peridot could take a hint...LOL

Until their are Little Beattle Bugs in the box,

Take care,

-Ashley Felton

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what are bunnies thinking?

You have to wonder...what do rabbits think about, and what do you think this rabbit was trying to achieve? This is one of M an' M's Under the Cover of Night's kits, who is conveniently blocking the food dish, while sitting on to of another kit in the process. This little ruby eye white kit has turned out to be quite the character. The black kit underneath, had no desire to move and just stayed, smooshed in the crock while the rew sat on him. Crazy bunnies.

Somedays, I just don't understand the bunnies, but they are cute all the same.

Until next time,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show Results from ARBA Convention, New Babies & ARBA Convention Trip Pictures

Sorry it has taken so long to get these posted. I am just now finding the time to get around to post the results from Indy. I also plan on updating the website in the next week with new pictures of senior and junior stock. Also, make sure to scroll down to see some fun pictures from the trip to Indianapolis, Indiana and back!

M an' M Rabbitry ARBA Convention 2011 Show Results:

  • 2nd Place --M an' M's Susie Q, Jersey Wooly Tan Pattern Senior Doe
  • 4th Place --QAF's Fizz, Jersey Wooly AOV Senior Doe
  • 7th Place --M an' M's Beattle Bug, Jersey Wooly Broken Senior Doe
  • 10th Place --M an' M's Jackpot, Jersey Wooly Tan Pattern Junior Buck
  • 5th Place --M an' M's Daytona, Standard Chinchilla Junior Buck
  • 10th Place --M an' M's Daragoa, Standard Chinchila Senior Buck

New Litters Kindled!

We have several jersey wooly litters in the barn right now. Lots of colors too! Black Otter, Black, Siamese Sable, Ruby Eyed White, Sable Marten, Chocolate Otter, and Smoke Pearl. These juniors will be ready in a few weeks. (my how time flies)

We also have several standard chinchilla litters growing up. Some very promising babies that I am excited to go through, as their color looks really nice without even blowing into their coats!

Still waiting on some new zealand white babies. All the does are bred, so crossing my fingers that they all kindle on the 23rd of December.

The Trip To INDY!

 The Wonderful Quarter Acre Farms Bunny Trailer!

Organized, yet full trailer on its way to Indy!

My Favorite Gas Station in Utah! With the Giant Fiberglass Sinclair DINO!

Ante-LOPES! They were closer than at the Zoo, as we entered a rest stop parking lot!

Beautiful Blue Sky of Illinois!

 Stopping to fuel up! COLD COLD COLD in Nebraska on the way home.

More cold, but pretty Nebraska!

 The red rocks of Utah. Quite a site to see.

More red rocks. So cool though!

Stopped on the way home at the same gas station. Fiberglass Dino is SO COOL!
My Souvenir thanks to Shonna! A Sinclair Dino Plushie! He helped Duane drive home!

Love the look of the snow, just don't like being in it!

Closer to home. Idaho

What a wonderful trip it was. Fantastic landscapes and views, lots of fun with bunny friends and a great show. It was a great convention trip and it will always be one to remember. 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enumclaw Show...A Show I Planned to Attend..but lets just say...things kind of came up

I have to say this was the most excitement I have had in a while.

I was on my way to a rabbit show in Enumclaw, WA morning. of November 12th, 2011. I left about 4:30am from Vancouver. Things were going great until I got up just south of Centralia exit 60 or so on I-5 North about 5:30am. It was incredibly foggy for a few miles and then cleared up to perfect visibility. I saw Emergency personal on the right side with what looked to be an accident, and within seconds after, I hit black ice. I lost control of the vehicle. I swerved to avoid the concrete median divider, but of course over corrected and crossed all three lanes and crashed the car into the hillside to the right of the highway. To say the least I was a little shocked at what had happened. The first thing did was drive the vehicle down the hillside, and ended up getting it stuck in the ditch. Little to my knowledge at the time (it was dark outside), my car actually was high centered and only two wheels were even touching the ground. I just thought it was because of my rear wheel drive that I couldn't get the vehicle out.

Anyways, so I checked all the bunnies, happy to see that they were all alive. That is all I cared about. I got out of the vehicle, and saw that another lady had just done the same thing, but was getting her friend to come tow her out. Within the 30 minutes that followed, 5 more vehicles lost control. Since EMS was still busy with the upside down vehicle south just of us, we took it upon ourselves to check in on everyone to make sure they were ok after their crashes. 2 vehicles were lucky, and were able to just drive way, others had to be towed, and people taken to the hospital. One vehicle lost control, hit another car, and then almost hit us, as we were checking in on the owner of the vehicle. It was NUTS out there, you never knew when someone was going to lose control as they passed by.

So after dealing with State Patrol and EMS (signing the waiver that I didn’t need to go to the hospital), I called AAA to come get me out of the ditch. As I was waiting for the tow truck, Deidra Idell MacKimmie stops alongside the highway, and comes to check on me and the buns. She insisted that she would take the buns to the show, as I had already paid for their entries. Without even thinking I handed them over to her as my tow truck showed up. I didn’t even think to check each bun over before sending them. I was still a little shaken up. So the awesome, super nice guy from Grants towing pulled me out the ditch, and we proceeded to look over the car to ensure that it was still in drivable condition. Sadly it was not. My radiator was leaking antifreeze, the chassis of the vehicle had been pushed back so far underneath that the fan shroud was shattered, and the fan was unable to turn, thus my car had no way to cool itself. It was not going to be able to make it to Encumclaw nor Vancouver. In addition, the fog lights were completely gone, the front hazard light shattered and not working, and the front of the vehicle was packed with mud. The tow truck was unable to tow me as I had rear wheel drive and he said that I should be placed on a flat bed. So he was nice enough to tow me off the road to exit 63 and leave me at the park and ride.

All the while I waited until 8:30am when another tow truck finally showed up. In the meantime I had called some repair places in the area, none of which were open on a Saturday (especially Veterans Day weekend). We eventually decided that it wouldn’t be until Monday for it to get looked at, and a couple days after that for it to get fixed (if it was even worth getting fixed), as it’s an older model and parts are not always in stock. So for the price of putting it in the tow yard for one day, and the impound fee, I had the vehicle towed down to Vancouver to the barn for $200. It was really the only thing I could do until Monday.

All the while, my poor little traumatized buns went to the show. Thank you Deidra MacKimme for picking them up and dropping them off on your way back. Thank you Shonna Ausbourne, Duane Ausbourne, and Tiffany Field Fields for checking them over, making sure they were ok, and getting them on the show tables. Only one little bunny ended up with a lacerated nose. Thank goodness. Still managed to get BOB Jersey Wooly at both shows, I have no idea which animal it was…LOL as it was a no comment card show. But I was happy to get the buns all back home. (Later found out M an' M's Susie Q got BOB in Show A and M an' M's Caribbean Stud Poker got BOB in Show B). I spent quite a bit of time that night giving them treats and making sure they were all ok.

Overall, everything is alive, and that is all I can ask for…even the car isn’t completely dead, as it still runs…just can’t drive it anywhere….^_^
Thank goodness the bunnies and I are ok.