Monday, March 10, 2008

ERBA Show and Other Bun News

Well, the buns are all back and settled in again from the Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Show in Chehalis WA, on March 8th.

Let me tell you, the show super and secretary did a very good job at trying to fit 1100 rabbits and people and show equipment into a tiny show room. The showroom was only 120 X 60 ft! Yeah we were all very cramped, but we worked it out and it was overall a really great show.

Numbers for woolies weren't too bad. There was about 25 in both open shows. Also, there was virtually no chins. Just my 2 and then another senior doe of Nancy Baskett. So no legs for chins even though my did take BOB and BOSB both shows.

Woolies on the other hand were surprising.

Show A:

M an' M's Star-Struck, smoke pearl marten junior doe took BOG Tan Pattern and got her first leg

M an' M's Zane, sable marten senior buck took BOSG Tan Pattern and got his 7th leg.

M an' M's Miss-D-fy, ruby eyed white junior doe took BOG Self, and BOB and got her first leg at only 9 weeks old! She has got some wool...there is no denying that!

Also, M an' M's Crazy Town, chestnut senior buck owned by Becky took BOSB and got his first leg! Gosh he has really grown up cute!

Show B:

M an' M's Dinky, sable marten junior buck (brother to Miss-D-fy) took BOG Tan Pattern and BOSB and got his first leg.

So three of my juniors all ended up getting their first legs, 2 of them at only 9 weeks of age.

Came home with 4 legs. Not bad in my opinion.

Anyways, as for babies...M an' M's Ashlind's are doing well. Of course they are still with at Karli's with one of her fuzzy lop does. I will have to have her look at them to see if they are otters or martens. Or I will just check later this week when I head over to grab buns for the Kennewick show. Which it looks like I will be heading to alone...Since it is Karli's birthday and she is having a party...Regardless, there is a black and a blue tan pattern. So I am super excited to see how they are maturing in the future. I hope that they will be absolutely adorable like M an' M's Ashlind is and WWR's Peewee is!

Chin babies are also doing well. All 5 of them. So that is also very good.

Anyways the Kennewick show is going to be here before I know I have to keep buns in condition! Plus I have M an' M's Chairry, a blue junior doe out of M an' M's Frida X WWR's Peewee cross going to Becky Sago and her son in Montana. So it will be tons of fun to meet up with them and see their cute tort buck Copper.

Also, I just thought that I would add, that M an' M's Ashlind and M an' M's Zane are now tied for having the most legs ever won by an M an' M rabbit. That number is 7 legs. Lets hope that Zane can break the record at this next show in Kennewick.

Until I post again with website updates and most likely Kennewick results...toodles...


M an' M's Miss-D-fy
Wins Best Of Breed at Evergreen RBA Show A

M an' M's Dinky
Wins Best Opposite Sex of Breed at Evergreen RBA Show B

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