Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, so since the M an' M Rabbitry blog is fairly new, there has yet to be a post about these terrible Satin Standard Chinchillas that I keep on getting. They are quite interesting. Somewhere along the line, someone must have bred a satin into the standard chinchillas that I have. I know that it is more than 6 generations ago, but this specific combination of DC's DC2 and DC's Zel always produces satin standard chinchillas, along with some normal ones. In previous litters I have only had one satin per litter. Whereas this current litter has at least 2, possibly 3.

It has been fairly easy to sell the satin ones as pets and all, but it still is a bummer, because the satin ones always seem to be the nicest of the bunch. I think this time around I am going to try and show them as satins. Just this once to see what the judges think...LOL...

Anyways, here is a picture showing the difference between one of the satin standard chinchilla kits and a normal standard chinchilla kit.

Satin Standard Chinchilla Kit on the left
Normal Standard Chinchilla Kit on the Right
DC's DC2 X DC's Zel
8 Days Old

You can easily see how much darker the satin standard chinchilla kit is compared to the normal standard chinchilla kit. Also you can notice how there is a sheen or extreme luster to the satin kit's coat. The satin's coat is much more shinny in English terms. Its very interesting how these kits magically come out of that one combo. Since they have never appeared in any of the doe's sister's litters when she was bred to the exact same buck...Weird huh?

Anyways, I am sure that I will post pictures of them as they continue to grow...and maybe pictures of them on the show tables with hopefully good results...LOL..

Until I post about updating the website (which I haven't done yet), and the results from the Kennewick show...Later...


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