Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I might Actually have some Kits!

So just a few minutes ago I put boxes in for M an' M's Frida, FT's Canadian Mist, Rolling Hill's MacKay and DC's DC1. I was so surprised when two the does begin to nest immediately. I was almost going to wait until tomorrow to put the boxes in, but I am glad I didn't.

M an' M's Frida begin to nest as soon as I put her box in. She was pretty cute as she made a mess of her cage will all of that hay stuffed in her mouth. I had a video of her nesting, but for some reason photobucket wouldn't let me upload it...oh well

FT's Canadian Mist also begin nesting when I put her box in. Here is a little video of her

And of course as usual. Rolling Hill's MacKay shows absolutely no interest in nesting. Here is a little vid of her being cute and daintily eating her hay.

DC's DC1 decided to just sit around in her box. So I didn't think that would make for a very interesting video...LOL.

Anyways, I hope that everyone ends up kindling on the 16th. I really hope that they can either have them before I leave for the Kennewick show on Friday, or wait until after I get home on Saturday. But as usual, that will never happen. So lets all wish them luck on their kindling this weekend. I have my fingers crossed!



So when I went out this morning to check on the girls. All of the jersey wooly does that were due had made nests beside their nestboxes....and not in their nestboxes....So I put all of their hay back into their boxes and lets just hope that they get it right this time! LOL


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