Thursday, March 20, 2008

Website Updated! + A New Look!

Yep, the website has finally been updated after a month+ lag in updates.

Heres a quick list of whats new:

  • New Design to the site! No more frames and a cool new navigation menu.
  • New Pages and Articles such as the: Photographing Rabbits, Photo Gallery, M an' M Rabbits All Grown Up and Future Shows We Are Attending
  • New Home Page Layout...and cool new graphic I made
  • News least pics of the new juniors and seniors are up
  • And Updated nestbox page with upcoming litters due this month!
Check it out the new site by clicking on the "HOME" button on the navigation menu to the right. If you click on any of the other buttons on the blog it will go to pages that will be a little messed up to say the least....I still need to update the menu on the blog, but it will be done soon enough.

Bun News:

Some more new pics, including a few buns that were fostered from one of Alicia and Alivia's does.

M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
1 Smoke Peral, 1 Black, 1 Broken, & 1 Mystery Colored Kit
3 Days Old

M an' M's Frida X RM's Grasshopper
Black kit and Mystery Colored Kit
3 Days

M an' M's Frida's Litter with Alicia and Alivia's Foster babies

Rolling Hill's MacKay X M an' M's Zane
1 Peanut and 1 Normal Kit
3 Days Old

*There is a little bit of a difference between the two...don't ya think?*

Until other rabbitry news comes about...Toodles


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