Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Need to update the website....

Yep, its that time again...updates...

I plan on updating the site next week. Most likely after the Chehalis show. But I got some new pics taken anyways, so that I have more recent ones to put on the site when I do the updates.

Here they are:

M an' M's Kandice
Chinchilla Junior Doe
Sugar Creek's Pizza Roll X Bunnies in the Box's Sophie

M an' M's Frida
Black Senior Doe
Leapin's Eclipse X Bunnies in the Box's Sophie

Bunnies in the Box's Sophie
Black Silver Marten Senior Doe

Sophie Cleaning.....Too CUTE!

M an' M's Mist-D-fy
Ruby Eyed White Junior Doe
M an' M's Zane X FT's Canadian Mist

Mist-D-fy's Wowza Wool!

M an' M's Dinky
Sable Marten Junior Buck
M an' M's Zane X FT's Canadian Mist

This is out lovely cat Striker....he decided that he liked the smell of the bunnies on the table...he didn't realize that he would have to have his picture taken if he sat on the grooming table.

Another picture of Striker...he is so cute! But looks like a GIANT on the grooming table compared to all of the small little buns...^_^

Anyways, the website will be updated soon enough,

Until then,



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