Monday, March 24, 2008

Rabbitry Updates and Does Kindling Soon!

Ok, so a few updates on the buns.

Everyone is moulting! That heat wave this past weekend caused almost the entire barn to blow...except for a few that I really wanted them to get some new coats! LOL Anyways, besides that, all of the babies from the kindling 8 days ago are doing great including the other 2 foster kits from Alicia and Alivia.

Also, if one doe to buck sex change wasn't enough of a surprise last week at the Kennewick show, I had another happen today! Shrimp as I call "her", a very small pointed white-black doe was weaned from her mom Kotton Tale's Misty today, because Misty is going to be kindling soon. Well I guess I wouldn't really call it weaning, since Shrimp has not been nursing from Misty since she was only 3 weeks old....hints why she is so small (she is now 16 weeks old). Anyways, I took her out to put her in her new cage and I noticed something that looked a bit peculiar. It was testicles! So depending on what the deal is with this new little may end up going to Kim Posey...but we will see.

Now kindling news....M an' M Rabbitry has 2 does due on March 28th.

Kotton Tale's Misty X Leapin's Eclipse
Hutchin's 051 X DC's Zel (Standard Chinchilla)

Both of them received boxes today and started making nests immediately! Hopefully, everything will go well, and there will be even more babies in the rabbitry!

Here are some wonderful Nest Making pics of the girls today:

Kotton Tale's Misty preparing her nest...she tries to grab all of the hay that is in the that is all going to fit in her mouth...right..^_^

Hutchin's 051 making her nest...I can't wait for another litter from her...that is where my beautiful chin doe M an' M's Zoli came from! I love repeat breedings!

Also, here is a cute little video of some of the DC's DC2 X DC' Zel Standard Chinchilla Kits

Until something kindles,


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