Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super Busy with Bunny Chores and Barn Cleaning

Well, its been quite a while since my last blog post. There have been a few things that occurred over the past week and once I get pics I will post a blog about them. For the most part I have been trying to do a lot of bun cleaning and also barn organizing! The barn is currently a disaster as I have been going through stuff and sorting it. It is hard to walk there is so much stuff on the floor from my sorting!

The wooly juniors and chin juniors are growing up. They are looking cuter and cuter by the day. The ring color on Hutchin's 051 X DC's Zel's kits looks super promising. I actually have never seen such young kits, about 3 weeks old with such a rich base color! They are going to be really nice. I plan on typing DC's DC2 X DC's Zel litter tomorrow and sex them to see what all came out, but I can't wait to get them on the show tables later in may.

May 3rd, Monroe, WA entries went in. I entered 10 buns...

M an' M's Zoli...the only standard chinchilla

M an' M's Bebop, Shaded SR Buck
M an' M's Melodrama, Tan Pattern SR Buck
M an' M's Zane, Tan Pattern SR Buck
M an' M's Miss-D-fy, Self JR Buck
M an' M's Star-Struck, Tan Pattern JR Doe
B-mac's Royal Flush, AOV SR Buck
Leapin's Eclipse, Self SR Buck
M an' M's Wave, AOV JR Buck
WWR's Peewee, Tan Pattern SR Buck

Yep...a few...but I have some beautiful woolies that are in very nice condition, so I might as well show them!

ALSO: I know this doesn't have anything to do with my Rabbitry, but I wanted to let Karli Zwade know that I honor her achievements. Today at American Fuzzy Lop Nationals in Pueblo, CO. Karli Zwade took BOB with L&R's Cameron. She also took BOSV and BOV wins, many 1st places and second places of about 40+ AFLs in youth. Karli keep up the good work and make Leslie, Jodie, Brian, Candy and I proud!

Anyways, I will post tomorrow about a few other things that happened this past week. They just require pictures, which haven't been loaded onto the computer yet.

Until tomorrow,


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