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Rabbits For Sale available to be transported to ARBA Convention in FortWorth, TX!

UPDATED PAGE: 10/8/14 at 10:59pm

Hey Everyone,

Here is the available rabbits that are for sale and are available to be transported to the 2014 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, TX. For those interested in having rabbits transported, transport is being provided by QAF Rabbitry and a transport fee of $40 applies to each animal which includes cooping at the show.

We have not had the opportunity to attend many shows this last year, so these breeding animals have not had the chance to pick up legs, but that doesn't lessen their quality any! Also many of these rabbits are molting in their pictures, keep that in mind when looking at coat length :)

If you have any questions regarding these animals for sale or are looking for something in particular, please contact us at: or 360-305-8863.

Multiple animal purchase discounts are available and we highly support 4-H/FFA and youth breeders :)

Upcoming Juniors that will be available for transport:
Jersey Woolies in Black, Black Otter, and Pointed White
New Zealand Whites
Standard Chinchillas


Jersey Woolies:

-M an' M's Spector, Black Proven SR Buck -$100
(M an' M's The Perpetrator, Blue, 5 Legs, X M an' M's Under The Cover of Night, Black Otter)

Spector is yet another buck that has jump started my breeding program. He is a very well structured buck, but my favorite quality is his density and length of coat. He has a nice wide head, a good shoulder and a good topline. He has sired some great offspring as well and I have kept many that are now producing offspring of their own. He would be a great addition to a Self, Tan Pattern or AOV program.

-M an' M's Point Taken, Pointed White-Black Proven Sr Buck, 1 Leg -$125
(M an' M's Ooter Man, Black Otter, 4 Legs, RIS 2012 X M an' M's Dakotaland, Black, 3 Legs)

Point Taken has been my main AOV herd buck for the past year. He is a beautiful buck and I have many offspring I have kept out of him. I have always loved his short cobby body type with a nice strong shoulder and topline. He has a beautiful head and nicely shaped ears. He has a great dense coat and has very nice texture and length. His point color stays nice and dark throughout the year and his nails have good color.

-M an' M's Fortune Cookie, Black Proven Sr Doe REG -$80
(M an' M's Point Taken, Pointed White Black, 1 Leg X M an' M's/QAF's Boobie Bug, Black, 4 Legs,  REG GC Honorable Mention '10

Fortune Cookie is going through a horrible molt right now, and I mean it (naked), so she will get an updated photo soon! Fortune Cookie has mothered many great litters. I have kept a ton of kits from this doe. She has worked well in my self and aov program. She is a fantastic mother and her kits have proven themselves on the show tables. Typical litter size is 3-4. She has great qualities including her solid body structure, great coat (when not molting), and a beautiful head.
*Fortune Cookie can be bred prior to leaving the barn for no additional charge.

-M an' M's Polar Bug, Broken Black Otter Proven Sr Doe -$80
(M an' M's Booger Bug, Broken Black Otter, X M an' M's Pandaboo, Black, 1 Leg)

Polar Bug is beautifully patterned doe. She has a nice clean pattern, beautiful texture and density to her coat. She has a good head and a good solid structure. She is a great mom. Usually has a litter of 2-3 and produces well marked brokens, never with too little of color. The solid patterned kits of hers have always had appropriate nail color and never a white nail to be found. She has been a barn favorite and it will be sad to see her leave.
*Polar Bug can be bred prior to leaving the barn for no additional charge.

-M an' M's Skyfall, Broken Black Junior Buck -$60 
(M an' M's Tarzan, Black Otter X Smith Acres' SA7, Broken Black)

Skyfall is a beautifully marked broken. Skyfall has a wonderful coat, so much density, fantastic texture for a junior and great length. He has great with and length of body, and has a promising width of head and ear shape. He has a great personality and comes out of a well marked broken doe.

-M an' M's Grease, Black Junior Buck -$50
(M an' M's Choco Man, Chocolate Otter X M an' M's Corn Muffin, Black)

Grease is a very well structured rabbit. He has great hindquarters, shoulders and midsection for a junior. He has a good head and promising ears, hes got a great start to a nice junior coat as well. He would work well in a self, aov, or agouti program. He shows a lot of potential!

-M an' M's Busy Body, Black Junior Buck -$60
(M an' M's Black Magic, Black, X M an' M's Black Booty, Pointed White Black)

Busy Body is great looking junior buck. He has a great topline, and a very promising head and ears. He is has a great short cobby body with good width and depth. He has great density and texture for a junior coat and his length of coat is also very promising. He would be staying, but I have decided to keep his REW brother merely out of a color preference. This guy is gonna be very nice when he matures.

-M an' M's Checkers, Broken Black Junior Buck - $50
(M an' M's Stealth, Blue X M an' M's Polar Bug, Broken Black Otter)

Checkers is a cute little broken buck. He has some good body color in addition to heavy markings on his head. His pattern on his head is a little brindled, but not bad. He has a very promising head and ears and a beautiful junior coat. He is a promising junior :)

-M an' M's Witch Craft, Pointed White- Black Junior Buck -$75
(M an' M's Black Magic, Black, X JG's OMFG, Pointed White Black, 2 Legs)

Witch Craft is a beautiful buck. He is incredibly promising and has a beautiful head and ears. He is showing very promising point color, but he is going through a molt now since this picture was taken so his points are continuing to darken up. He has a nice short cobby body and a great coat.

-M an' M's Skittles, Black Junior Buck -$50
(M an' M's Tarzan, Black Otter X M an' M's Darling, Black)

Skittles is a very good looking buck. I am excited to see how this litter matures, as they are all showing great promise. He has a great body, and a good head and ears. His coat is showing good junior texture and density.

Standard Chinchillas:

-M an' M's Dalmatian, Proven Sr Buck $60
(SS Junior 1 Leg X M an' M's Fortuna 2 Legs)

Dalmatian is a great buck, he so should have been entered in the 2012 ARBA Convention, as his littermate sister was and ended up winning 1st place junior doe in Wichita. Dalmatian is just as nice as his sister. He has sired many great offspring that we have kept. He is short, cobby, has great surface color, good intermediate brightness and clarity and a good base color. He would be a great herd buck for anyone needing some new bloodlines.

-M an' M's Murdock, Proven Sr Buck $40
(SS Junior 1 Leg X M an' M's Larue, 2 legs)

Murdock is a great buck. He has a good topline and good width of body. He has sired a few litters, but I haven't used him much because we have been so buck heavy with so many options. The offspring I have kept from him have been very nice and he is a good producer. He has a good brightness to his intermediate band and a very dark base color. He is molting horribly in this picture and his surface color is much more even when he his in a finished coat.

-M an' M's Rainbow, Sr Doe $60
(M an' M's Quincy 4 Legs 2nd at ARBA 2009 X M an' M's Dee Dee REG GC 3 Legs)

Rainbow is a hard rabbit to let go. The only reason why I am offering her for sale is I have decided to keep her brother and I would like to help some of my fellow standard chinchilla rabbit breeders with some great stock. Rainbow is a solid doe. Great topline, very wide, and great depth of body. She has good brightness to her intermediate band, good dark base color and good ring definition (she is molting in this picture). She would be a great rabbit to augment a breeding program.

-M an' M's Penny, Jr Doe $50
(M an' M's Daytona 1 Leg 5th at ARBA 2009, REG, X M an' M's Peoria 2 Legs, 2nd @ ARBA 2009, REG)

Penny is showing great promise. She has great surface color for a junior and her base color is nice and deep. Her intermediate band color is showing great brightness. Penny has great width and depth of body, in addition to having a nice short cobby body. Penny is a very promising junior!

New Zealand Whites:

-M an' M's Mystery, Jr Doe $50
(M an' M's Harley, White X Page's 10, White)

Mystery is a very promising doe. She is one of the does I am literally splitting hairs between each rabbit in this litter as they are all very nice animals. I would easily be keeping her, but just don't have the cage space to keep 3 does from this litter. She has great structure and is very balanced. I am surely going to regret letting this lady go.

-M an' M's Marvel, Jr Buck $50
(M an' M's Harley, White X Page's 11, White)

Marvel is a very smooth buck. He is very promising and is growing great! He has great structure and a nice full hindquarter. Marvel has a good topline and balances well with is body depth and width.

-M an' M's Kia, Int Doe $60
(Currie's Kaplan REG, White X Karrot's Decisive Moment, White)

Kia is a very well filled doe. She has a very nice loin and a good topline. She has good width to depth balance. She is a young intermediate, but is showing good growth. Kia has great texture and density to her coat as well. She has a good shoulders, midsection and hind quarters. Kia would be a great addition to a white breeding program :)

-M an' M's Hundai, Int Doe $70
(Currie's Kaplan REG, White x Karrot's Decisive Moment, White)

Hundai is an awesome doe! I love her! She is super deep, super wide, great shoulders, midsection and hind quarter. I love this doe! Beautiful topline and a great addition to any breeding program. Nuff Said!

Intermediates and more Juniors available. To be posted soon!


-M an' M's Tater Tort, Black Tort Junior Buck -$75 *****SOLD
(M an' M's Choco Man, Chocolate Otter X M an' M's Corn Muffin, Black)

Tater Tort is a cutie! We would surely be keeping him if he wasn't a TORT! We only have so much cage space and we cannot be adding another color group of woolies at this time, so our loss is your gain. He is very promising, great structured body and good head and ears. He will be a great asset to self or shaded breeding program.

-M an' M's Black Magic, Black Proven Sr Buck -$200 - SOLD
(M an' M's Ooter Man, Black Otter, 4 Legs, RIS 2012 X M an' M's Jinx, Black Otter)

This buck is my absolute favorite! He has been an amazing asset to my herd and has produced many fantastic offspring. Black Magic is super cobby and is round everywhere. He has very nice ear shape and has passed on great substance of ears and shape to his offspring. He has great length of wool and good density. He is molting in this picture, but has an even black color when finished out. He hasn't been to many shows, but could easily hold his own on the table. His value to a breeding program is incredible, and I didn't think I would ever let him leave the barn, but I would like to see him do the same that he has for my breeding program.

-M an' M's Jenny, Black Otter Junior Doe - $60 ****SOLD
(M an' M's Choco Man, Chocolate Otter X M an' M's Jannet, Black Otter)

Jenny is a cute and very promising little otter doe. She is a natural poser and is very typey. She has a very nice short cobby body with great depth and width for a junior. Jenny has a very promising head and ears and she is has great ear carriage to boot. Has very clean markings and good junior density to her junior coat. I'm gonna regret letting this little girl leave the barn.

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