Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sad but happy goodbye as I prepare rabbits for their trip to their new owners in OR and CA

I'm so excited! These rabbits in addition to PJ, a standard chinchilla buck, get to go to their new homes in Oregon and California in about a week! These animals are going to do wonders for the purchaser's herds. So happy to help a standard chinchilla breeder down in California get a jump start as well. :) The jersey wooly and the standard chinchillas have been huge parts of my herd and its tough to see them go. Its also tough to see the new zealands go as well, because these very well may be the best new zealands we have ever produced!

-M an' M's Cocoa Crazy, Chocolate Proven Sr Doe -SOLD
(M an' M's Ooter Man, Black Otter, 4 Legs, RIS 2012 X Ma n' M's Dakotaland, Black 3 Legs)

Cocoa Crazy has been in my chocolate program for a while now. She has sired many great litters and has expanded my chocolate program considerably. Cocoa crazy is a great mom. She usually has litters of 4-5 kits and raises them without issue. Cocoa Crazy has a great head, and a nice topline. Her good structure is passed down to her offspring and she has nice length of body and solid shoulders and hind quarters.
*Cocoa Crazy can be bred prior to leaving the barn for no additional charge.

Standard Chinchillas:

-M an' M's Daytona, Proven Sr Buck, REG 1 Leg -SOLD
(M an' M's Daragoa 2 Legs X M an' M's Fortuna 2 Legs)

Daytona is a well structured buck. He has good width of body, good length of body a good topline. He has a nice slate blue under color, a bright intermediate band and good ring definition over all. He has produced many great offspring that are even better than himself. He has good surface color and great density to his coat.

-M an' M's Versa, Proven Sr Doe REG -SOLD
(M an' M's Quincy, 3 Legs, 2nd @ ARBA '09 X M an' M's Centra)

Versa is a very short bodied and cobby doe. She has great depth, width and length of body. She has had many litters for me, and takes great care of them. Her typical litter size is 5-6 kits. Her offspring have done great on the show tables, and she is out of one of my best bucks. She has a good slate blue base color, a good a bright intermediate band and overall good ring definition with good surface color.
*Versa can be bred prior to leaving the barn for no additional charge.

-M an' M's Peoria, Proven Sr Doe, 2 Legs -SOLD
(Wiebensohn's Togo REG X M an' M's Zoli REG 2 Legs)

Peoria is a very hard rabbit to let go of. Her value in my breeding program has been incredible. Peoria's body is beautiful. Gorgeous depth, a beautiful hindquarter, shoulders and midsection. She has produced many wonderful litters that are now producing offspring of their own. She is a very good mother and has litters of 6-8 kits. She has a wonderful dense coat roll back coat. Her ring definition is good and passes on great ring definition and surface color to her kits. I will be sad to see her go, she has been a wonderful rabbit in my breeding program.
*Peoria can be bred prior to leaving the barn for no additional charge.

New Zealand Whites:

-M an' M's Minion, Junior Buck -SOLD
(M an' M's Survivor, White X M an' M's Poptart, White)

Minion is one of the best new zealands we have produced to date! I honestly didn't want to offer him for sale, but his other 3 buck littermates are virtual replicas of him, and I can't keep them all! He has amazing depth and solid body structure for a junior, he is growing great and has a wonderful topline. He also has very balanced body width and a nice strong shoulder and hindquarter to the table. I love this buck!

-M an' M's Mischief, Junior Doe -SOLD
(M an' M's Harley, White X PAGE's 10, White)

Mischief is a great doe. She is another one that I just couldn't keep them all. She was one of 4 amazing does in this litter. She has solid structure and is growing well. She has great topline, beautiful hindquarter and shoulders. Great depth, great width of body and is very promising. I'm gonna regret letting this lady go, but I can only keep so many out of this fantastic litter.

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